Scientists wonder, in the cosmos condensed Great Darkness




According to scientists, the universe peaked formation of new stars 5 billion years ago, a few billion earlier than anticipated.

Now the birth of new stars is much slower than dying of old, leading to a gradual thickening of the darkness in space.

This discovery of Dr. Raul Jimenez and his colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania and published in Edinburgh Thursday, April 8, in the prestigious journal "Nature". "The brightness of the night sky in our time is much lower than a few billion years ago, and it continues to decrease," — says the scientist.

Using the data obtained in the study of about 100,000 galaxies, Jimenez and Dr. Alan Hivens created a program that analyzes the spectrum of the study of each of them. By analyzing all of the light coming from a single galaxy — or rather, the entire visible spectrum, researchers can clearly see all the "historical record" of the galaxy simultaneously.

According to scientists from the time of the Big Bang and before the birth of our Sun about 4.7 billion years ago, when the universe was formed almost half stars. Earlier studies gave a figure of 8 billion years.


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