Canadian magazine China Defense Review published an article in which tells us that China supplied the Russian Su-35 will receive the designation Su-35K (K — «Chinese»), reports May 5.

The article explains that China take these stupid fighters in the absence of weapons, especially missiles «air-to-air» and «air-surface». These missiles are run to fill all the chances of other luggage Chinese fighters, namely, J-11B, J-15, J-16 and others.

First, China must reveal the true characteristics («true performance») radar «Irbis-E» with a passive phased network. This is advertised as the tip of the radar technology with passive phased array radar. It is alleged that the radar is capable of detecting targets with an effective area of ​​cross section (RCS) 3 m. m at a range of up to 350-400 klm, accompany 30 targets and fire 8 of them.

The Su-35 has a massive offensive weapons supplies. Namely, it is upgraded The Kh-31AD with a new direct-flow air-jet engine (ramjet). Range, according to the Russian Izvestia sources is 250 klm.

Invented anti-radiation missile (PRR) of the latest generation X-58USHKE with a range of 200 klm. PRR specialized equipment for Russian stealth fighter fifth generation.

Antiship missile X-35UE last generation has an increased range of up to 260 klm. The missile is armed with a multifunctional radar homing (GOS).

Formation SD X 59M2E developed on the basis of X-59ME with a range of 115 km (basic missile is in service with the PLA Air Force). Transformation X 59M2E unlike basic characteristics of the system has overestimated television guidance in low-light capable of hitting targets NIGHT MODE. Su-35 has been developed with X-59MK2 warhead weighing 320 kg (cassette has a mass of 283 kg). Large range of 285 km.

Su-35 created a single family of air combat missiles. SD-range HAEDAT (P-37) is considered an upgraded version of the R-33, consisting armed interceptor MiG-31. Hitting the target range increased to 200 klm. The missile is capable of hitting up to 8g maneuvering fighter planes and bombers as far Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS).

RVV-MD short range armed with a dual-mode seeker, increasing accuracy rate, armed with laser warhead fuze. Most firing range of 40 km, provided hitting targets at altitudes ranging from 20 m to 20 km. Missile weight 106 kg, warhead weight of 8 kg.

RVV-SD medium-range missiles armed with multifunction radar homing capable to independently direct the missile on the final leg of the flight at a distance of 25 km to the target. Missile weight 190 kg, warhead weight of 22.5 kg, a large shooting range of 110 km.

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