Sensory disturbances

Sensory disturbances

What is it?

Violation of sensitivity — is the inability to perceive stimuli originating from the environment or from its own tissues and organs.

Why did this happen?

Sensory disturbances have several causes. The main reason — it's structural abnormalities in the central and of peripheral parts of the nervous system. Such violations include tumors, trauma, inadequate blood supply, primary atrophy of nerve fibers, etc. In addition, sensory disturbances may occur in some psychiatric disorders.

Some varieties of sensory disturbances

Analgesia— Loss of pain sensitivity. Characteristic of many diseases and traumatic injuries to the nervous system.

Termoanesteziya— Loss of temperature sensation

Hypoesthesia— Decrease in the sensitivity

Hyperesthesia -increased sensitivity. In this case, place and nature of exposure (cold, touch, etc.) felt right.

Hyperalgesia— Excessive sensitivity to pain.

Poliesteziya— Single irritation is perceived as a plural. Possible sign of defeat parietal lobe of the brain.

Allocheiria— The patient localizes irritation at the site of deposition, and the symmetric parts of the opposite side.

Dysesthesia— Distorted perception receptor accessories (eg, a cold can be experienced as tingling, pain stimulation — like heat).

Paresthesia— Spontaneously occurring sensation of numbness, tingling, "pins and needles", the contraction burning. Typically, short-term.

Hyperpathia— The appearance of a sharp unpleasant feelings of irritation when applied. Characterized by increasing the threshold of stimuli (hypoesthesia), the lack of precise localization of stimulation (unpleasant sensation captures the whole area), the long latency period and a long period of aftereffect (perception lags behind in time from the irritation, discomfort persists for a long time after the cessation of the stimulus).


Diagnosis is made by clinical examination. If signs of sensitivity disorders should consult a neurologist to find the cause of this disorder.

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