Sinkhole in Izhevsk

Karst holes


7.04.11.Na Izhevsk gunsmiths area, which officially opened by President of Udmurtia Alexander Volkov in 2007, began to fall in the land. Photos pits appeared on one of Izhevsk forums.

They show that the hole formed near the monument at gunsmiths pavement. It nearly fell bus with students from Malaya Purga. According to witnesses, the car had to pull a multi-ton with tow.

Hole instantly became a local "landmark": it come see and photograph all and sundry.

Author photo — Izhevets72 — warns: "A failure to spread went further. Be careful, at least there for a walk. Maybe a sculpture weapons will soon? "(Spelling and punctuation's saved).

Author: Darling Makarova

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