Sinkhole in the village Dezhnevo. Photo

Karst holes

Photo by Dennis Sokolova

10.06.11.Rezhim high alert in the area of residential houses number 13a, 13b, 13 and 15 on the street Dezhnev introduced by the Resolution first deputy head of the administration of Ukhta Tatyana Filippova. The reason — the sinkhole.

In the 20 days of May, in the village of Dezhnevo on a slope next to the first entrance of the house № 13b-2 master housing department discovered the failure area of about four square meters, which, according to the head of the Office of Civil Defense and Emergency Nicholas Napalkov, about a week up to 60 "squares."
The city authorities have reacted quickly to the situation: A special commission, which includes officials from the Office of Housing, Uhtavodokanala, Spetsavtodora and other services.
First of June, after the inspection site was an official act, on the basis of which "born" ruling. Commission members visited a section of water pipe that runs in failure, but with it all was in order: leaks were found. In any case, running water secured by placing it on a rigid foundation. Blow the storm sewer system, although it is, according to experts, could lead to failure of the soil. The inspection revealed the presence of basements where groundwater.
"There is an assumption that the cause of the failure could be the water from the springs, which are likely to be in a hill behind the houses," — said Tatyana Filippova. But is it really — is still unknown. Due to the fact that the ground continues to settle, sleep pit sand and gravel mixture, place dip fenced and entered the territory of high alert, which means constant monitoring of the object and determine the causes of the formation of "the pit." "At present no threat to the inhabitants of the above houses there," — commented the director Victor Uhtazhilfonda Chuprov.
Payment of the cost of rescue and other emergency operations carried out at the site of failure, will be made from the reserve fund of the city administration through the Office of Housing.


 ID NEP — Ukhta



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