Sinkhole in Ufa

Karst holes

1.06.11.V last Saturday, in broad daylight, at the intersection of Lenin and Krasnodonskoye hit the pavement. By sheer luck no one fell into the six-meter pit and the threat of a nearby house foundation, it is not.

Utility workers and emergency services promptly pumped out the water and repaired emergency piece pipe. Filled gravel pit, about the incident just like a piece of fresh asphalt cause of the collapse was the destruction of the old concrete sewer that has not changed since the installation, since 1936.

How do we explain to the manager of public relations MUP "Ufavodokanal" Elvira Nureyev, about 60 percent of trunk sewers laid in the 60's and 70's.
— Claimed the life of these concrete pipes — 50 years. For badly worn collectors MUP "Ufavodokanal" annually implements plans overhaul networks at their own expense, that is, produces reorganization worn areas collectors polyethylene pipes and, in some cases — their full replacement. For example, last year as part of the plan is completed refurbishment collector polyethylene pipe Blucher Street 1.5 km long, preliminary work to replace worn-out parts of the concrete pipe collector street Irendyk in the neighborhood "Creek."

To prevent such an emergency, network services, systematic examination of soils and sewage networks in their passage by GPR to identify soil decompaction by teleinspection internal condition of pipes to detect corrosion sites, and a laboratory study of the state of concrete sewers and structures.

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