Snow and rain in the capital of Ecuador. Video


18.08.11.Silnaya storm, accompanied by hail and snow, broke out in the late afternoon today, the capital of Ecuador, which is next to the line of the equator.

At the height of summer snow and rain, which went for about an hour, was recorded in the whole city, located in the heart of the Andes at an average altitude of 2600 — 2800 meters above sea level. Quito residents reported that they observed intense flashes of lightning and rainfall accompanied by strong gusts of wind.

Several lightning damaged power lines, and of thunder shook the glass in homes. Bad weather prompted a delay in the international airport of Quito. Delay of less than 10 minutes, and now, according to the assurances of the authorities, the air terminal is operating normally.

By municipal water utilities have warned that the tunnels in the San Juan flooded, so motorists should look for detour routes. There are difficulties in the urban trolley dedicated lane for this mode of transport into a small river.

In the area of the park because of Carolina of failure and lack of traffic lights controllers formed a huge traffic jam, many drivers were forced to park along the side of the road and get home on foot.

On the avenues of Amazonas, Los Americas, Orellana, near the Central University mobility problems arose and pedestrians. In the south of Quito also reported flooding, falling trees and power outages. Green lawns and public parks Ejido arbolita were bombarded with a thick layer of snow, the element brought down several trees in the street Occidental, which led to the partial closure of the passage.

According to the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi), periodic rain, possibly severe, are expected in the capital of Ecuador, in the next three days.

Source: Ecuador today

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