Solar flares today hit America. Video


8.06.11.Neobychnaya solar flare observed by NASA observatory Tuesday. In the next few days, it can cause disruptions to satellite communications and terrestrial power grids.

A huge explosion on the sun caused an avalanche of radiation, the likes of which astronomers have not seen since 2006. This outbreak may lead to moderate geomagnetic activity in the evening on June 8 to the end of the next day.

A solar flare is estimated as M-2 (medium) and its maximum is observed at 05:41 UT on. Observatory SDO took a series of photographs in the ultraviolet range, which is celebrated giant outburst of cold gas. According to astronomers, NASA, is a unique phenomenon, because in many places the temperature of solar matter emissions below 79 thousand ° C.

In the images of space solar telescope SOHO visible bright plasma and high-energy particles that are moving toward the Earth at a speed of 1400 km / s. They cause a glancing blow to our planet's magnetosphere and cause a geomagnetic storm level G2 (moderate).

Storm likely to begin June 8 around 22:00 Moscow time and may last one or two days.

Solar radiation flux includes a significant number of high-energy protons, which could have a big impact on the magnetic field and ozone layer of our planet.

Therefore, malfunctions of satellite navigation systems, electric systems, also changed some flight routes passing over the polar regions.

On June 8 pm residents can watch the polar territories colorful Southern and Northern Lights.

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