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Medicines for colds and flu are useful, especially in the fall and winter, but some of them contain unexpectedly large amounts of sugar and caloric energy value is close to the popular carbonated drinks! When choosing a medication is very important to know how much sugar it contains. Now everyone can find a suitable remedy.

Healthy man usually does not think about how much sugar it consumes, but many people need or want to maintain the level of consumption. Currently, more than half the population suffers from overweight and obesity. Women who watch her figure, and the people who lead a healthy lifestyle, try to consume less sugar. Scientists believe that we consume more sugar than we think, without knowing it, as sugar often there is hidden in many foods. Most people are not even aware of the fact that many drugs have the energy value, and that the preparations contain sugar, Pharmacists are also usually not reported.

During the epidemic of colds or flu especially popular non-prescription medications for colds and flu in the form of powders for making hot drinks. An independent lab analysis "Bureau Veritas"1 showed that some of them contain three to five pieces of sugar in each beverage bag! Thus, three doses per day means that together with the drug man consumes the same amount of calories as if he ate 50 grams of chocolate or drank half a liter of cola. Sick body definitely needs energy, including sugar, but different people need different amounts of sugar. People need to be aware of this and be able to make choices according to their individual needs.

Some products contain calories"Koldreks Hawtrey" — a powder for hot drinks for colds and flu with a low sugar content. In one bag "Koldreks" contains at least one piece of sugar, so it is ideal for people who follow the consumption of sugar and calories. "Koldreks"Quickly and effectively relieves the symptoms of colds and flu: lowers the temperature, nasal congestion and sinus infections, relieves headaches, pain in muscles and joints and improves immunity. Sales have"Koldreks Hawtrey "with different flavors, and they are low in sugar.

If you need a remedy for colds and for you it is important to the sugar content in the drug should ask the pharmacist, who can easily help you find the right drug.

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"Hotline" for colds and flu 8-800-2000-111

There are contraindications. You should consult with a specialist.


1 The content of sugar in hot beverages on the results of the analysis conducted by an accredited chemical and microbiological laboratory of the Bureau Veritas in the Czech Republic, spol.s.r.o. — Laboratories accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute, Ev. Number 1082

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