Southern Urals began large-scale introduction of GLONASS



23.05.12.V this year in the Southern Urals begin large-scale introduction of GLONASS. Via satellite can monitor the fire situation and even the course of planting.

Also, this system of monitoring officials plan to connect the transport, school buses, ambulances and vehicles of other special services. All information will be flocking to the special navigation center. It should appear in Chelyabinsk this year.

"You first need to budget money, — said Sergey Komyakov, First Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk region. — Then, when the system will go to the point of return, there will be users of services. And then there will come private investors. "

This system of space monitoring, confident in the government, in the future, will allow significant savings: reducing fuel costs and properly allocate routes. This year, the introduction of GLONASS will spend almost 100 million rubles. Run at full capacity satellite technology in the southern Urals to 2015.

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Source: STRC "South Ural"

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