Splash of bee diseases in Udmurtia. Video


20.07.11.Pchely in danger. In several areas of the country in the ranks of the striped Squadron marked surge diseases.

And it is not about a single disease. A number of them, and they are deadly to insects. In Udmurtia introduced bee quarantine.

Yuri Shirobokov bees has been doing for 10 years. First purchased a pair of hives — for children, then he himself was involved.

Apiary gradually expanded. With the problem of bee diseases sign, but has to cope on their own.

Yuri Shirobokov, beekeeper:

"Now there are different kinds of disease. We treat each fall from varatoza, nazimotoza fed. And there is nothing serious. The bees themselves are learning what to do. "

Meanwhile, the alarm condition is reported in the national Veterinary Office. On its website contains the information "for the period from April to June of this year, according to the results of studies identified pathogens brood of European foulbrood of bees in the apiaries Sarapulsky, Malopurginskogo and Votkinsk areas; akarapidoza bees in the Yak-Bodyinskiy Debesskom and regions." The three diseases kill bees, and massively.

Militina Mikhailova, a specialist in beekeeping:

"And honey, these debates are, and to Pergamos, and honeycombs. But for a man this honey is not dangerous. Treatment of these bees — only antibiotic family to overtake disinfected hive. Struck equipment should be incinerated. You can, of course, to save — if the beekeeper will be taken in time for this thing. "

Beekeepers, experts advise to contact the veterinary laboratory. And while all the official apiary Udmurtia now under quarantine, and recreational activities are conducted.
Dmitry Rublev

Source: STRC "Udmurtia"


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