Stop buying Chinese products!

Even six months after the entry of the Russian Federation to the World Trade Organization (WTO) continue on the subject of fierce debate fallacy of such a step, and as the argument is "killer" statistics.

The Russian economy in general and the agricultural sector, in particular, has some financial loss associated with an increase in food imports due to a sharp reduction of import duties. As a result, our shelves replenished with additional assortment of cheap products, and often of dubious quality. Our services of SES are paying close attention to the Belarusian and Ukrainian products (affordable and produced in compliance with strict standards (especially Belarus)). But the products, for example, from China, is paid much less attention. And for good reason!

75% of all Chinese food produced by small enterprises, which are substantially controlled by the local regulatory authorities (see photo coverage below). Junk prices attract the attention of businessmen in Russia supplying that in civilized countries is called the food waste. And we, in turn, is "being driven" at a low price and colorful packaging, buy Chinese goods, thus poisoning themselves and their loved ones.

While we are risking health and even their lives, financially support the Chinese agrarian (we are talking about several billion dollars a year), the Russian agriculture suffers from a lack of working capital for the purchase of machinery, equipment, breeding livestock, etc. There are problems with the sale of the crop. And this at a time when the vast majority of Russian farms (especially agricultural holdings) uses the most advanced technology in food production, ensuring high quality outputs. This applies a low level of nitrate, and the absence of GMO. And we do not always think about the consequences of buying that cheap. The government does not advertise this issue, preferring to withstand the principles of political correctness. Why do politicians problem with China?

In fairness, it should be noted that this issue is relevant not only in Russia. In the U.S. and in Europe, for example, where the economy is considered ultra-liberal, educational function have undertaken public organizations. Suffice it to note a very successful company «Stop buying anything from China!» (Stop buying Chinese!) Actively promoted the social networks of America. Shopping with a bar code beginning with the digits 690 — 695 has a bad tone (when faced with a problem of supply, Chinese suppliers began to point code of Taiwan — 471). As a result, Chinese producers have to scramble that would certify the consumer with high quality products. And as a quality product can not be cheap, Chinese manufacturers are deprived of such a significant competitive advantage as price.

Today, Russian farmers as relevant as ever support us, the consumers. Significant assistance from the State is not expected. Working conditions in the WTO are not conducive to fostering food security of Russia. But we believe that the European and overseas experience in this matter is quite acceptable.

We can and must make a difference.

Agroportal AGROINFO urges his readers to support domestic agricultural producers:

Stop buying Chinese products! — Buy Russian!

Demand in retail outlets reliable information about the origin of food!

Stop supporting the ruble importing companies! Let engaged in export!

Get involved in an active outreach through blogs, social networks and other channels of communication! Send us information about your experience in distribution share among friends and acquaintances (Agroportal AGROINFO will share this experience on their pages).

The only way we can protect ourselves from the influx of products of dubious quality, and the only way we can make a real contribution to the development of agriculture and animal husbandry Russia!

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Man is what he eats.


Make sure meats in your fridge is not from China (Vietnam or Thailand)!

Typical production of meat products from poultry died of disease (

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