Storm Bingiza in Madagascar


MOSCOW, March 3 — RIA Novosti. Tropical storm "Bingiza" (Bingiza), collapsed in February to Madagascar, has killed at least 34 people, more than 216,000 people have been affected, said on Thursday AFP citing the National Emergency Management Agency.

The storm hit the east coast of Madagascar in the middle of February and the week was over the island.

In addition to managing the dead counted another 11 people missing. Of the 216 people affected around 77,000 homeless.

The greatest damage caused element northern and south-eastern parts of the island, where new houses and buildings severely damaged crops of rice as an area of over 100,000 hectares.

The rainy season in Madagascar, the state on the same island off the east coast of Africa, is from February to May. It was during this period of high risk of cyclones and tropical storms.

Last year, the cyclone "Hubert" claimed the island life 36 people and affected about 85,000.

RIA Novosti

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