Su-30MKM and its competitors in the Malaysian tender

Su-30MKM and its competitors in the Malaysian tender
March 29, 2013 there was an official information that Malaysia has announced a tender for the purchase of 18 modern fighters. For disk imaging to Reuters, which refers to the defense minister Zahid Hamidi of Malaysia, for the victory in a new aviation competition will compete 5 fighters: Swedish JAS 39 Gripen, the French Dassault Rafale, European Eurofighter Typhoon, the South American Boeing F / A 18E / F Super Hornet and Russian multipurpose Su-30MKM.

Precise dates are unknown until tender, but most likely, it can be held in May, after the country’s presidential elections. Price probable transactions for the purchase of 18 fighter jets valued at more than billion dollars. It is understood that the new aircraft will change Russian MiG-29 as part of the Malaysian Air Force. Currently, according to professionals in the Air Force fighters Malaysia is 59: 10 hopelessly obsolete American F/RF-5E Tiger, 13 British Hawk 208 (combat training), 10 MiG-29N, 8 and 18 F/A-18D Hornet Su-30MKM. Aircraft Company «Sukhoi» Malaysia acquired in 2003. The deal amounted to 910 million dollars. Russian company won the tender, was a South American rival Russian fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon.

In October 2012 the country’s Air Force Commander Tan Sri rodzal bin Daud communicated with journalists and noted that the Air Force no preference — single or twin-engine fighter to receive, most importantly, to its multifunctional ability conform to performance standards, and the cost of their purchase could be in those within what we can afford for themselves. According to him, the Air Force made a special comparative table, which will allow to evaluate the degree of compliance with the requirements of competition fighters. The main emphasis Malaysian military do on the actual price cycle and aircraft maintenance efficiency, with all this weapons comparability with existing aircraft fleet also plays a role.

Su-30MKM and its competitors in the Malaysian tender
At the time the contract was listed Malaysian more successful for the RAC «MiG» and Russian defense industry as a whole. According to the agreement on June 7, 1994 Malaysia was to receive 18 MiG-29 fighters, including two combat-capable machines. Amount of the transaction was valued at 560 million dollars. This amount also came Shipping 2 fighters for ground training of technical personnel, the necessary arms and services to train local pilots and technicians. The deal was the subject of modern MiG-29SD, who possessed extensive product range weapons, the best radar sighting system, increased payload mass.

Besides the customer made a number of additional criteria. Namely planes need to be adapted to mokrovatomu Asia-Pacific climate, resource increment engines up to 2000 hours and equip the aircraft satellite communication and navigation systems. Range fighter was increased by the use of systems-air refueling.

First MiG-29 arrived in Malaysia in April 1995 and the last aircraft was delivered to the June 5, 1995. Fighters were flown into the country using cargo aircraft An-124 «Ruslan». Malaysian MiGs were designated MiG-29N and MiG-29NUB. They were formed from the 2nd Squadron — 17 th and 19 th. The composition of avionics equipment fighter was introduced electronic navigation system AN/ARN-139 TACAN, mounted receiver satellite navigation system GPS, technical inscriptions in the British language, scale devices are graduated in the British system value, voice warning system «Rita» also works in the UK language. Aircraft could use RVV-AE and got radar-sighting system «Topaz».

Rivals Russians

«Boeing»: F/A-18E/F «Super Hornet»

There are a number of positions that can provide «Boeing» won the tender. Among them, the package offset programs «Boeing», which provides for technical cooperation between the countries, as it has been with the contract for the supply of eight fighters F/A-18D «Hornet», ordered in 1993. Issue of technology transfer, which is often represented in international tenders for a very huge problem of American fighters, namely India and Brazil, such severe problem here is not. In Malaysia, the offset requirements are more focused on industrial development on all fronts, not the assembly and deployment of local production aircraft.

Do platform «Super Hornet» has many reasons in its favor. In 1-x, is one of more than a cheap contenders to win the tender, and in-2, the prospect of connecting to the infrastructure maintenance and supply the U.S. Navy is very attractive to prospective buyers on the basis of beliefs support costs fighters in operation and their modernization hereinafter.

Su-30MKM and its competitors in the Malaysian tender

Export version of the fighter «Super Hornet» — is the basic version of the aircraft of the U.S. Navy, which is the modern version contains a number of new elements of the concept, which the company «Boeing» unveiled at the show «Aero India 2011». The concept implies enhanced widescreen cockpit and possible access to such modern technology as a conformal fuel tanks and placing weapons. Although admissions professionals «Boeing», concerning the latter, they have not yet made decisions about foreign customers. Also do not forget that «Super Hornet» fighter in the tender only, not counting «Rafale», which resettled radar with active electronically scanned array (AESA).

Yankees have trumps and unification of weapons systems, because the Malaysian Air Force fighters have been «Hornet». This unification will provide significant gains based on the beliefs of training, operating tools, logistics, etc. In addition, Malaysia is perfectly familiar with «Boeing» at the current modernization of the «Hornet», the armament of its Air Force. Also may play a role that «Super Hornet» is already in service with the U.S. Navy and Royal Australian Air Force, which increases its potential interoperability.

[I] Consortium «Eurofighter»: «Typhoon»

Despite the fact that none of the states in the region did not have fighter «Typhoon», its potential ability to known customers. First foreign deployment of these aircraft was conducted in the framework of regional exercise «Bersama Lima 2011.» As part of these exercises 4 fighter «Typhoon» 6th Squadron made 70 sorties and spent 164 hours in the sky, reaching 100% indicator of readiness during the exercise.

Su-30MKM and its competitors in the Malaysian tender

According to the company, «BAE Systems’ Andy Lethema fighters» Typhoon «differ highest versatility, allowing you to further tailor the platform to different situations and use regardless of what happens in just one or another part of the world or the area of ​​public interest. In 2012, the Malaysian military pilots visited England and made a familiarization flights fighters «Typhoon» RAF. At the same statements were made that this fighter satisfies the conditions of tender.

By analogy with the South American «Boeing» company «BAE Systems» emphasizes the potential benefits of the transaction for the Malaysian industry. Presented package fighter «Typhoon» very comprehensive. This proposal is not a decision and includes a huge number of options from which the customer can choose what suits him best. The package is not limited to direct deliveries fighters paid great attention abilities in the field of educational and Prof. abilities cybersecurity. One of the qualities may be the inclusion of Malaysia in the industry supply chain devices for fighter «Typhoon».

«Dassault Aviation»: «Rafale»

Although the French company «Dassault» has not commented on the role of a fighter «Rafale» Malaysian competition, a number of transactions in the field of industrial cooperation in recent years, which have been concluded in the region indicate that the company seeks to develop the success of their own fighters after a pretty big victory in the Indian tender to supply 126 fighters (total of 15 billion. dollars). French fighter walked «Typhoon» in the Indian tender by Bole low purchase prices, service costs and operating within their lifetime. Besides the company «Dassault» signed a memorandum of understanding with the aerospace company «Zetro», which stands provider support ground electronics and avionics Malaysian Air Force.

Su-30MKM and its competitors in the Malaysian tender

Fighter «Rafale», as the British «Typhoon», has experience in combat use in Libya in 2011. Unlike its main rivals, like the South American «Super Hornet» is the presence of radar AFAR. At the same time, such radars «Gripen» and «Typhoon» still only at the stage of creation.

«Saab», «Gripen-NG»

In the near future the Swedish fighter «Gripen» found itself in the international market. Only in 2012 the Swedish company «Saab» extended the contract of lease with Hungary, continued successful delivery of fighters in South Africa, at the same time, Switzerland has decided to purchase 22 aircraft «Gripen-E», and the Swedish Air Force signed a contract for the supply of up to 60 aircraft versions «Gripen -E / F ».

Malaysia Swedish manufacturer is ready to propose a model of «Gripen-NG», which is a modification of the Thai fighter. Good deal for the sale of Thailand 12 «Gripenov», also 2-AWACs «Saab-340» «Eria» can give us hope for the success of the latest transaction. Plays into the hands of the Swedes, and the fact that the «Gripen» — this is a cheap tenderer. With all this not only cost direct sales, and service. Nobody does not exclude the fact that the decisive factor in the future deal could be worth.

Su-30MKM and its competitors in the Malaysian tender

Platform fighter «Gripen-NG» has a number of innovations in comparison with previous versions of the aircraft. Among their brand new radar AFAR ES-05 «Reyvn (in development), the new engine F414G company» General Electric «(capacity increased from 80.5 kN to 98 kN), and increased from 6000 to 7200 kg maximum desired load the aircraft.

«Dry»: Su-30MKM

During the exhibition LIMA 2013, Deputy General Director of «Rosoboronexport» Viktor Komardin said that Our homeland is ready to promote in Malaysia improved Su-30MKM. But Western experts at skeptical about the probable victory of Russian fighters. Partially associated with such skepticism neuvvyazkami with maintenance already delivered Malaysian Su-30MKM. According to the deputy director of the company «Sukhoi» Alexander Klementeva currently operational readiness of aircraft fleet data below the required standard in Malaysia 75-80%. Actual set of 18 aircraft in the country during the exhibition LIMA 2013 fighting condition were 10, 2 more fighter had a limit on the commission due to fly generation TBO engines.

To resolve this prepyadstviya Russian holding «Sukhoi» signed with the Ministry of Defence Malaysia maintenance contract Park Su-30MKM. This contract price of 100 million dollars anticipates service and technical support, as the supply of spare parts for 18 Russian fighter jets, set in 2007-2009. The deal will allow to extend the life of engines of aircraft, improve the operational readiness of the park Malaysian Su-30 and make the required technical standards for service. Why about a similar collaboration both sides of the transaction have not agreed earlier — a mystery.

Besides promoting the program from Rosoboronexport subscription service Su-30MKM. According Komardina, within such service Our homeland will provide 75% of the supplied aircraft readiness, and the remaining 25% of the more common problems in technical terms will be made local spices. This example program provides for the continued residence of Russian engineers in Malaysia with their families, providing them with housing, medical care and other social services.

Russian fighters plus is the fact that they would ensure uniformity Park Malaysian Air Force. Acquisition of another big batch of Su-30 would be a good step towards this goal. It should also take into account the fact that Malaysia already has a training center and a service center for maintenance of the Su-30MKM, in that Kuala Lumpur has already invested a lot of money. And in this respect the acquisition of fighters from other countries would not be entirely due to the cost.

Many Western experts agree that the existing fleet of 18 Su-30MKM Malaysian implies that the acquisition of the latest batch of these machines will simplify the supply chain for Malaysian Air Force. They also pay tribute to the aircraft capabilities, noting the promise of this platform, which has a larger payload, range combat inflated, engine with thrust vector control type AL-31F radar and passive phased array N011M.


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