Supply of PT-2 for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

The Defense Ministry will put Russian imagers. Equipment produced by "Novosibirsk Instrument Making Plant." "Interfax" notes that the supply of thermal monoculars will be made within the framework of a state contract.

In 2013, OAO "PO" Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant "will deliver to the Ministry of Defence portable thermal imaging monoculars PT-2, in the framework of the government contract.
OAO "PO" refinery "for the second consecutive year, delivers thermal monocular security agencies and, in the opinion of operating units, devices showed itself from the best side. This year, Russian security officials will be delivered 300 sets of thermal imagers.
Thermal imaging is a compact monocular vision device, showing the reality in the infrared, ie, sees the heat radiation of objects. The device allows you to navigate in the dark, excludes time unmasking, allowing you to see through the smoke, rain, snow, fog, bushes at a distance of up to 1200 m
To improve the performance of their products by JSC "PO" refinery "is conducting field tests in a real environment — in Russia on frost resistance in Latin America The humidity under reduced pressure, the Middle East, ending at an elevated temperature.
To date, thermal monocular PT-2 is the most compact device in its class, in their tactical and technical characteristics competes with samples of the world's leading manufacturers of optoelectronic close combat, playing the latest in convenience and ergonomics.

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