Syria fate will be decided on September 9th

Syria fate will be decided on September 9th
Damascus appealed to the UN for the protection of American anger, and the secretary general of international organizations urged the international community to find not a military but a political solution to the conflict. But Obama and Congress Ban’s statements are not interested. The president of the United States Congress and there is a loophole: they say that no war in Syria, they do not start, and are going to spend educational work: there must be punished who applied chemical weapon. However, UN inspectors believe that used his «opposition», but the South American Secretary of State, John Kerry, there are some «hair samples» — a sort of Iraqi «test tube», and the whitewashed house, like most of the senators said that «bloody tyrant» Assad joined the «red line.» Now it is necessary to punish him about, so that, God forbid, Iran also did not skipped any line drawn by as we all remember, the Israeli Mr. Netanyahu.

Bashar Jaafari, the Syrian salting in New York in a special message, Ban Ki-moon has asked the UN to protect Syria from the South American military strike. Comrade Jafari found the right words and said that the moon is personally responsible for preventing anger.

The answer — here in New York. UN chief said vaguely: «… Any course of action should be considered by the Security Council … Everything should be made within the framework of the UN Charter …»

Obama also found something to say. But he said not to Ban Ki-moon, and even more so not the messenger Assad and his own people — through Congress. Remembering protracted «operation» in Afghanistan and Iraq, he said that Syria — is not Iraq. And not Afghanistan. And the war — not a war. «I wish to assure the South American people that the war plan, developed by our Joint Chiefs of Staff, is proportional. He is limited nature and is not intended to conduct ground operations. This is not Iraq or Afghanistan. This step, which will send a clear signal not only to the Assad regime, and other countries, which may covet check international standards, «- said B. H. Obama, the white house at a meeting with Congressional minions.

Other countries that «could covet check international standards» — this, of course, first of Iran and North Korea.

And later the president appealed to Congress for approval of military intervention — one that is not a war, but just only a «clear signal». And Congress approved for earlier intervention, limiting it to sixty days are. September 9 followed by a final decision.

And here’s the curious thing. Those South American Messrs. previously reputed pacifists and opponents of various kinds of rocket attacks and educational measures, suddenly became zealous advocates of intervention.

Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Robert Menendez was previously known that opposed the invasion of Iraq and called on South American troops withdraw from Afghanistan. But now this man supported BH Obama. All fairness it should be noted that in the proposed Senate plan prohibited ground operation, but in fact it was not torn and Obama. Also, the period of military operations in Syria is limited to 60 days of — well, or in the latter case even plus 30 days.

Menendez said: «Together we came to such a course, which gives the president the necessary foundation for the deployment of forces in response to the criminal use of chemical weapons Assad regime against the Syrian people, and at the same time restricted the narrow scope of the operation, namely, in the time.»

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, who, after being wounded in Vietnam in 1967, vowed to do «everything … best to ensure: the war would be the last resort to the dispute, that we, the people, will call other people to resolve the conflict,» issued a statement that nullifies all its former pacifism. Must state chair turned into a kind of peaceful human satanic servants.

«Failure to act would undermine the credibility of the other duties of America in the field of security, including the determination of the President to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons,» — said Mr. Hagel.

So that’s it. Charles Hagel lust poruha Syria only reason that Iran has not felt invulnerable. Last resort to the dispute, and Mr. Hagel? Either you like his boss, too, think that in the case of Syria will be no war? So, shoot 60 or 90 days? Naturally, for the U.S. stuck in Afghanistan and Iraq, three months — not war, but warm overstayers pacifists.

In the Senate, Mr. Obama has acquired such valuable allies like John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi. These parliamentarians duo confirmed the intention of the South American nation peacekeeping: planet need to show who is the owner that the United States is doing its obligations and punish violators of the ban on the introduction of chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, in the same Senate on his iPhone played electric poker John McCain. This white-haired warrior long already decided the fate of Syria. In his «tweet» he admitted, yes, played cards at the meeting, and it is a pity that I lost.

Spoke at the meeting, and Secretary of State John Kerry. He said: «Support in connection with our decision on Syria 44 countries have expressed to us.» List it is not announced, but it is already clear that these are empty words. Nobody, except France, until volunteered to help in the U.S. military operation. Even NATO countries are not willing to make a military intervention in Syria. UK Parliament — 1st of the primary U.S. allies — the majority of votes torn invasion.

Earlier, on September 1, in an interview U.S. Secretary of State said that the use of sarin in Syria show the results of analysis of blood and hair samples from the scene. And if such a thing, it’s time to start Eager military operation.

Very weird statement. The UN has now do not believe that Assad has used weapons of mass destruction. If at all it turns out that it applied the «rebels», who will be on the bullet rockets Hagel, Dempsey and Obama? What hair will show the public Kerry?

As for France, said, there main aggressor — not a parliament but Monsieur Hollande, who superprezident and therefore can not do without the approval of the people’s representatives (and without the people too). Shoulder to shoulder with Hollande going to stand against the chemical threat to peace Monsieur Herault — French Prime Minister, recently coined hitretskuyu pension formula infringement relatives. Who’s left to undermine Assad.

Jean-Marc Herault said: «France is determined to punish the regime of Bashar al-Assad for the introduction of chemical weapons and prevent its re-introduction of decisive action and proportionate.»

Overall, for the earlier «coalition» is well known: the United States and France.

Pentagon chief repeated a couple of times, waiting for an order that Obama. All venture after the 9th of September, when Congress will vote for the final text of the Syrian — more precisely, anti-Syrian — resolution. Obama, this hitretsky Nobel peacemaker, responsible for military solution shifted to the senators, and they will be able to bind to the resolution necessary to punish aggressors chemical in accordance with the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons. Here it is explained and South American bravado: bypass it, they say, without UN authorization. Assad civilians poison gas, and Chip and Dale to the rescue in a hurry …

As you know, the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Prohibition of chemical weapons in 1992, and it entered into force in 1997. Which Fri Convention bind admonition Assad went out and brought the Americans. Iraqi experience will give a hint.
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