Temperature record registered on Sunday in Yakutsk


MOSCOW, March 28 — RIA Novosti. Record high temperature set in as Sunday in Yakutsk, forecasters recorded maximum for March 27 plus 8 degrees, which is about three degrees higher than the previous record in 1975, according to the website "Meteonovosti."

"Cyclone has been a long time circling the coast of Taimyr. In his system from the west and southwest, join minitsiklony that not only support the cyclone in tone, but also make the warm air. On the eve of the greater part of East Siberia and Yakutia mean daily temperature exceeded long-term value by 12-16 degrees. In Yakutsk, the thermometer stood at at plus 8 degrees, "- said in a statement.

According to "Meteonovosti", still the maximum temperature for March 27 were 5.2 degrees recorded 36 years ago, in 1975.

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