Ten facts about Indian T-90 tanks «Bhishma»

Ten facts about Indian T-90 tanks
T-90 main battle tank is the third generation and is a modernization of the T-72 (originally was called T-72BU, then was renamed T-90), now reports indiatvnews.com.

Currently, this tank is more modern prototype in the arsenal of Indian land forces. Fighting vehicle armed with 125 mm smoothbore gun 4A46M, 1G46 gunner’s sight, the new engine, and thermal. By 2020, India plans to be armed with 310 tanks T-90S and T-90M 1330 (of 1657 units).

Next web site reports «10 fascinating facts» about the main Indian tank.

1. India tank received the designation T-90S Bhishma («Bhishma» — the hero of the Indian epic poem «Mahabharata», the wisest of the Pandavas and the Kauravas educator, brave commander — approx. «VP»). At the time of the Defence Ministry found that parallel conduct fails to create 2-MBT — T-80U and T-72B. The first was «more of the highest quality», the second is cheaper. Our homeland because these tanks purchased in limited numbers, hoping to get export orders from other states.

2. Initially India did not produce tanks of this type. In 2001, 310 T-90S tanks imported from Russia, from their 120 completely finished form, the other in the form of kits.

3. Main advantage of acquiring T-90C was that it was created based on the T-72, the armament of the Indian Army.

4. Tank has a new engine, the electrical system of counteraction and laser warning receiver receivers. These tanks can be operated for more than 30 years without improvements in the midst of the current cycle. T-90S has a fire control system, allowing to conduct fire both during the day and at night (detection range at night criteria ranges from 700 to 1100 m).

5. Resettled Tank 125 mm smoothbore gun 2A46M stabilized in 2-planes has insulating cover.

6. Armor protection connects inside classical armor with an active and dynamic components, side screens.

7. Tank has the highest mobility and terrain, friendly snorkel (snorkeling equipment tanks), which allows to overcome water obstacles up to 5 m deep (equipment contained in the active state for 20 minutes).

8. After getting ready tanks India got a license for mass production of T-90S. Tank production began on January 7, 2004 at the facility in Avadi (Tamil Nadu).

9. In November 2012 the newspaper The Tribune said that the Army has placed an order for the purchase of 250 T-90S tanks with improved electrical equipment.

10. Upon completion of production license 347 T-90S Bhishma, India will become the owner of the massive and modern tank fleet in the midst of South Asia.

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