Termination of Poseidon boats …

Currently, the former territory Sosnowski shipyard is located four independent production of small vessels, which produce relatively the same type of product with the same name. For example, a boat "Neptune" various modifications made three of them.  To make things clear for the customer to "Sosnovskikh boats", to designate ownership of the same brand (with its advantages and disadvantages) a particular manufacturer, ship-building company "Saitov" decided to rebrand.

In the near future all models of boats "Poseidon" will be placed on the market under the brand name "Bester".

Ltd. "Saitov," in one form or another in the market for more than 10 years. During this time, accumulated a wealth of experience that enables a new level of development of production and service. Therefore, we want the consumer to boats tied Ltd. "Saitov" exclusively with boats "Bester" and vice versa. We want the root of the word "BEST" is indeed associated with the best quality, best price, and we did a lot for this work. On a permanent basis by the feedback from our customers, made suggestions to improve the application properties of our boats and boats and made the appropriate changes in the design of products. Do not stop working to expand the range of products. Even now ready for serial production model "Bester-490. " In addition, work is under way on a model of "Bester-650." It will be a spacious cabin boat with excellent seaworthiness.

And as a sign of our seriousness, we increase the warranty on all boats, manufactured from August 2013 from one year to three years!

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