Test flight of new satellite tracker Polarmar

17.04.2013g. Arkhangelsk company "Polarmar" One forest fires and center of the Arkhangelsk region conducted a test flight on board the aircraft AN-2 new personal satellite tracker, which determines the coordinates of domestic satellite navigation system GLONASS and transmits the data over the Globalstar satellite communications system. Globalstar system operator in Russia since 2000 Globatel company that provides services to satellite telephony and data transmission.

Globalstar satellite constellation replenishment of the new generation will expand the range of services provided communication packet data transmission. These packs of 36 bytes are transmitted to the satellite modem and a tiny gateway in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk go directly to the recipient's computer.

During the test, the tracker has provided 100% delivery of data from the aircraft to the Control Room One forest fire center, where the position of the aircraft on the map is constantly monitored on the computer screen with the established proprietary software monitoring in real time. For objective monitoring using smartphones with built-in GPS-receiver.

During the tests provided valuable practical results that will ucheny by "Polarmar" in mass production of domestic trackers that are waiting for all who may need help or sending messages outside the coverage area of mobile communications. In this case, the service is inexpensive — from 1 to 36 per hour, depending on the frequency of fixation points and schedule data transmissions. Fixation and transfer one point costs 1 ruble.

  • An example of active windows
  • An example of active windows

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