The accident at Chernobyl. Video


Recently had its world premiere international film project "Radioactive Wolves of Chernobyl", the shooting of which were carried out in the wild Belarusian Polesye radiation-ecological reserve — in an area where heavy contamination with radionuclides due to human access is denied.

According to well-known Belarusian filmmaker animal painter Igor Byshneva which, together with experts three major TV channels in Austria, Germany and the U.S. and a half years endured the hardships of the field work in the "zone", in more extreme conditions to make a film he had ever. However, the almost hour-length film has surpassed all expectations and I am sure the director, deserves a decent estimate of spectators from many countries.

Production: Belarus, Austria, Germany and the USA. 2011

Uploaded igrov, date: 02.06.2011

Photo from: radiation spread

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