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This mysterious story that happened in 1881 in the United States, has long troubled many people. It took almost one hundred years, that science could more or less reliably explain the riddle of the miraculous salvation of the doomed passengers.

On the night of December 28, the U.S. East Coast blizzard raged. The temperature was below zero, sticky snow, taken up by a strong wind, quickly turned on the roads in icy crust. Passersby tried not to stick your nose out of the house. But even the terrible weather could be a hindrance to the work of railway companies competed with each other to send the punctuality of trains on schedule.

Machinist David Garnett went out with great reluctance. Two days ago, he got married to a young and beautiful Mary Warren. The house was warm and cozy, been heated oven, bustled around the house wife. But work is work — a few hours later he was to lead an express train to the west. Whether because of inclement weather, or after a sad parting with Mary, but the soul of David was troubled. Although he was not a newcomer to the profession, and he knew what surprises can be expected in such a night when the wheels — no rails, and ice, and the visibility is close to zero.

In depot Garnett with an assistant carefully inspected the engine, brakes checked. Assistant box filled with sand and took a few more bags in store — with a black ice will always have to pour the sand under the wheels during braking.

And finally divorced couples .. The passengers took their places in the sixteen cars, rang the bell three times, the locomotive whistled and chugged express train began to pick up speed. The glass-enclosed cab of the locomotive was warm, but soon the little windows tightly closed up with snow, and the engineer with the assistant had to continually put out outside to see anything ahead. Snow mixed with rain and furious winds painfully hitting in the face, cut my eyes to tears. It was already dark, and although the pipe before the locomotive was a bright light, he was able to win at night and blizzards only a few meters in front of a speeding train. Railway workers were up, relying more on intuition and God's help.

David suddenly startled by surprise. It seemed to him that in the light of a lantern flashed something alive. He brushed the snow from his face and wiped his streaming eyes and realized that the clouds of steam, lighted lantern, apparently evolved into a woman's figure. She moved with the train, now closer to it, then remove. At times, the mysterious figure was lost in darkness, but in a moment again emerges from the snowy darkness. The woman seemed to be running on air. When she approached the cockpit, you can even see her features. "Oh my God, this is the same Mary! — Said the affected David. — Do I hallucinating?" — He thought, but then it turned out that the assistant driver is also considered in a veil of snow female figure. Fireman, left his post at the furnace, leaned out the window and … I saw the same thing!

Now they were watching a vision. When the woman turned out quite close to her face to read what a fright, or suffering. David lost all self-control. "Probably, now Mary died and her spirit is forgiven me," — he said the assistant. A colleague tried to console David: Nothing, they say, with Mary terrible had happened, she sleeps in a warm, except that yearns for hubby. Dreaming, that's all, in such utter night and not a prividitsya. If he heard it, the image of Mary disappeared and never returned.

David brought the train safely to an intermediate station, where he learned that and the conductor of the train window, too, saw a ghost zhenshiny. That's just the passengers were not able to confirm anything — they were sleeping in warm cars. Men have come to the conclusion that the mark is sent to them without reason: the secret forces warn them of the danger. However, think twice once — it was time to go further. The weather has not improved. Snow and rain gave way to a cold shower, the wind increased. Towards the freight train rumbled. Approaching bridge over the Elkhorn River.

At this very moment, in front of a locomotive suddenly reappeared image of Mary Warren! But now her eyes were full of fear. Stretching his arms out as if she was trying to stop the train. His eyes pleaded: "David, listen to me! Do not you understand what I want?" And the train raced at full speed — flashing lights reported that the road ahead is clear. Unhappy Mary made a last attempt to stop the train and suddenly disappeared into the darkness. After a few moments driver and his assistant exclaimed in unison: "Red!" Directly in front of them the traffic signal changed color.

"Urgent braking!" — Cried Garnet, and under the wheels of a steam locomotive poured sand. Brake pads blocked the wheels, but the heavy train continued to roll on the icy rails. "Rewind!" — David sounded a team, and the wheels spun in the opposite direction. Now that the bridge were only a few meters, the three of them — and the driver and his assistant, and fireman — clearly saw that the bridge is no longer there: the rails were in the abyss filled with raging water …

Sand and reverse stroke finally took effect: the train stopped in three or four steps from the destroyed bridge. In shock driver looked up at the traffic light and stopped: it is not burned red and green signal! At that time, we observe the traffic lights with remote control was not — signal changed manually with a special employee. To do this, he needed to open the iron box lantern special key to available only with him and no one else. So, a moment ago, when they started to brake at traffic lights was red danger signal! Why do they see it? Who saved them from certain death?

In connection with this incident were carefully investigated: interviewed numerous witnesses, examined all the circumstances of the case. It was found that the bridge over the Elkhorn River collapsed in just a moment before the approach of an express train. That night, this bridge had to proceed towards each other with an interval of only twenty minutes, two trains — freight and express. Product overcame bridge safely. Lineman saw a bridge and lit by a lantern at the traffic lights, allowing the entry of an express train. Because of the noise of wind in his box, he did not even hear the water carried the bridge. Meeting the express, lineman looked at the traffic light and was surprised when directly in front of his train began to slow down. A few seconds later, when the train stopped on the spot, at the traffic light was burning the same — green — signal. How and who has done the trick, lineman could not explain. In any case, if they wanted to, he would do it could not — it would take much more time. In general, the fact remained that — a miracle that saved hundreds of lives. Commission investigating the case at the Elkhorn River, to the testimony of driver David Garnett reacted very skeptical, considering his story pure hallucination. The point of view of the commission found, unfortunately, support, and in the papers reporters, describing the ill-fated flight, David exhibited in a ridiculous light. He had to quit his job, even though his friends have confirmed under oath that they had seen a ghost woman, very much like Mary. The honor of it was restored when the Commission abandoned its original version on the visual hallucinations. But the shock experienced by the engineer is not allowed to return to her job, and his fate is unknown. Preserved evidence and Mary Warren. On that fateful night a woman really slept and dreamed nightmares. She was trying to save her husband ran in a dream before the train stopped with his hands, but the locomotive continued to move. David did not understand her character. Mary woke up in a sweat, trembling with fear, with severe headache. Details of sleep were forgotten by the time of awakening, so she could not remember from what kind of danger would save her husband. This amazing event remained unexplained for decades. However, one of the parapsychologists have seen in it a manifestation of telekinesis, with its help, they believed, was made the colors of the lights in traffic lights, and the source of telekinetic effect was Mary Warren. Others argued that it could be a collective suggestion. The brain is troubled Mary passed in his sleep signals, warning of the danger. On the same frequency were tuned engine crew members thought of working with a maximum voltage of physical and especially mental strength. It is known that in such a situation familiar to the five senses as it is added extrasensory perception …

There is one more question: how could the sleeping Mary to learn that her husband is in danger of the bridge over the Elkhorn River? More or less a clear explanation of what happened that December night far, science has been able to give only in the second half of the twentieth century. An American doctor in resuscitation R. Moody became world famous in the book "Life After Life" brings a lot of cases, separation of the soul from the body during clinical death. He, like a number of other researchers, believes that the soul is free for some time, not only when the patient's heart stopped on the operating table, but in some other situations. For example, severe stress, severe trauma, in his sleep, after taking drugs, etc. In this rare condition, called "out of body experience," people gain the ability to see the body of the (usually on top) and then accurately describe everything that happened in the room during their stay outside of the body who entered what he was doing and saying t . etc. But that's not all. It turned out that there are many people who can manage the process of separation of the soul from the body. So were endowed with the gift of many magicians and seers of the past. With the help of some psycho they are "isolated" his astral double and sent him on a journey to get information about the events taking place in locations distant from those where they were themselves.

By the way, in the U.S. laboratory studies conducted OBE Association of Psychological Studies in Dyurhem, North Carolina. Experts have proven that living beings can feel the presence of the soul separated from the body at a preselected point. This, indeed, explains the miraculous rescue of express train at the Elkhorn River. But in this case it is important to note even more. The presence of an astral twin can not only feel, and it can be seen. See how the ghost of the man to whom it belongs. This, apparently, is what happened in the case of Mary Warren, who in the dream was trying to save her husband.

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