The accident at the pipeline deprived zhanbaytsev water


2.12.11.Vecherom November 30 Isatai near Atyrau region there was an accident on an oil pipeline owned by the company "Potential Oil."

Pipeline rupture occurred near the mine Zhanatalap belonging NGDU "Zhayykmunaygaz" (PF "Embaymunaygaz"). Oil poured out of the tube a few hours before workers' Potential Oil "to stop the leak. During this time the oil got into the channel, which is a source of water for the villagers Zhanbay, located a kilometer away from the pipeline.

Our correspondent reports from the scene:

— Visually, you can see that quite a large contaminated area, thickness of about 3 cm Several employees "Potential Oil" collect the spilled oil by hand, using rags and buckets. Local residents are outraged that oil did nothing the first few hours and allowed the ingress of oil into the channel. They require that in the first place was cleaned water as due to poisoning they began dying livestock.

According to section head of the "Potential Oil" Sapargali Abilov, they learned about the accident yesterday, December 1.

— How much oil spilled is not yet known, it turns out. The cause of the accident was the cold, due to which there was a gap in the plastic pipe joints. Today manually collected 150 liters of oil, yesterday — 360 liters.

Safety engineer and safety Manarbek ZHURUMOV told on the phone that "addressed the issue of creating a rescue team and equipment will arrive soon."

Meanwhile zhanbaytsy known sharp temper, angry that no one from the regional authorities have not bothered to come to the scene.

Sania Toyko

Source: Ak Zhaiyk

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