The aliens glut of fruit in south-east London




Aliens glut of fruit in south-east London near Lewisham, says the publication icSouthlondon, citing local ufologists.

According to the survey 40 British towns held by the former head of the department for the study of UFOs UK Ministry of Defence Nick Pope, Lewisham area of London became a leader, so this is where to look for "others." icSouthlondon enthusiastically believes that this is not spoiled by the area's attractions can attract newcomers vegetable market, as well as power lines, where they can "recharge their batteries".

Roy Lake, a spokesman for the London Society for the Study of UFOs, readily confirmed the publication of this information. "There are a lot of high-rise buildings, open water and power lines — perhaps they (the others) are interested in this or a rechargeable battery. Perhaps they already live among us, trying to figure out what we eat and how we live."

Lake argues that the authorities conceal information about UFO sightings in the area. If these were open, it is, in his opinion, would create a "chain reaction". He was sure that by now many Britons do not share their experiences of UFO sightings only concerns seem crazy. He says that UFOs are observed regularly, and in response to the Ministry of Defence said that no information hiding there, and all of unidentified flying objects you can find a rational explanation.

"Planes fly over the area. We accept calls from people who report unusual celestial activity. But there is no collusion. We publish all reports of suspected unidentified flying objects, in accordance with a code of access to government information," — told The Press Secretary of the Department Research UFO Defense.

However, the Prefect of Steve Bullock very happy these conclusions of experts. He believes that the glory of the popular "foreign" places add Lewisham popularity. Bullock has promised not to withhold information and to treat with attention to the problems of aliens, should they arise.

"Have you ever seen a UFO? Have you ever been abducted? You yourself — alien? Contact us at South London Press, 2-4 Leigham Court Road, Streatham, SW16 2PD or contact us by e-mail "- completes the publication of the newspaper.


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