The appeal to the citizens of the Russian Federation DA Medvedev

Appeal to the citizens of Russia DA MedvedevFollowing the rules of etiquette, I will turn to you for "you", but do not let it bother you. Being a citizen of the once majestic country, transformed and your close to flock to you through the efforts of a large concentration camp, I do not think you are the president, and happen to come across you, I would not serve to your hands and under what criteria are not allowed to cross the threshold of my home .

Looking ahead, I want to explain why I'm writing to you for this appeal, and why have this right.

In-1's, I'm 40 years old. Half of my life was in the Soviet Union, half — in modern Russia. I have something to associate. And so I have the right to read.

In-2, I have higher education acquired by another in an old, Russian standards. Then, when the scores for the set of knowledge, not the amount contributed to the cashier of the "institute". When country taught really necessary professions, not to rivet managers, accountants, lawyers. So for you and other critics would be difficult to carry me into the category of "rural rednecks." I'm fairly literate and can correctly and intelligently communicate their thoughts. So that is why I am entitled.

B-3, I'm Russian. Not a ghost "Russian", and the Russian. The country over which you kidding me — my country. People over which you kidding me — my people. We, Russian, are a major part of the population. We, Russian (not without a role, of course, and other nations friendly to us), build, defend, fastened to the country. And because I have a right to read.

B-4, I am a citizen of Russia. As though what an ordinary citizen, I work with has a family, pay my taxes. Yes, Mr. Medvedev, I and people like me, we pay taxes from which the bureaucrats are eaten, drink, and relax. This is from our taxes country contains all of your Caudle. With the funds that you are taking away from our children, you build houses for themselves, buy a yacht. In return, the government will assume more responsibilities, throwing at us, ordinary people, all fresh and new levies. For our money, and you have the same fleeced. Phenomenon? No, everyday Russian reality. Yet, while we are still paying. A stands for, so I also have the right to.

C-5's, Mr. Medvedev, I am part of the people. People, having supreme authority in the country, according to the Constitution. And I wish to remind you, since you started playing seriously in the autocrat that power everything we did. And you and other bureaucrats — all only employees. At the same time, popravde, very shitty workers. Employees who rob their own owners, rob them, and for all that have the audacity to consider themselves the masters. Good advice for you to think about it. You — the worker, not the emperor. The Emperor then — people. And I, as a particle of the nation, have a right to.

Sixth (and I must admit, this is the most enjoyable), I — just a citizen. Not some bureaucrat level that will lick the ass for seniors and shake his chair. Not a member "EdaRasii" which will indicate whom to support, and which button to press. I — ordinary people who completely nachhat Your menacing eyes from the screen. Even if officials of the big ass lightning start to peel on the floor — I nachhat it. While others to be obsequious with you, I have absolutely no such need. I — one of the millions that nearly all agree with me. I have a right to read — and I'm talking about.

And for you, Mr. Medvedev, is currently only listen. Maybe something from written below, you will be able to realize. Maybe on something you will become even contemplate. Of course, I do not hope so, but I will give you the opportunity to. Not many, I'll even give you a little to chance. But to use it, you will have to read carefully.

You get used to the fact that you think the president (at least, pretend). Accustomed to the fact that in places of arrival and communicate with the people you meet with songs, dances, girls stout bread and salt are, people, rounded up to the meeting, smiling benevolently. I'm sorry, but at this point you will have to stay a little as you totally deserve it. At this point would not be willing to encroachments and nods of the head. Be of good cheer!

Mr. Medvedev! That you are there at one point uttered? What is your opinion of the people have to give at the end of your presidency? I wish to disappoint you — we fully appreciate the results of your work for a long time before it is finished. And this estimate is such that at least some decent person owning conscience on your site without thinking would shoot himself. From you such a step should not be expected, but we still wholeheartedly pin our hopes.

I admit, I'm a long time (well, not just me, I think) could not understand who you are? You — a man of mystery. The unusual thing! Every time we get used to receive you in some form, you will once again unpredictable, already breaking the stereotypes! Unfortunately, never in the eyes of the common citizen, you do not really appeared as ruler of the country.

The first time after the election … Ingratiating smile, looking into the eyes of devotional Putin. Excellent understanding who you are on the "throne" built you around Putin tried to walk. You know, and yet you and at this point alone! Your style of conversation, intonation, pauses between words — all with Putin copied.

Oh, you're at that time were happy! Nothing to do — all for you to make Putin. Nothing did not need to think — still no one takes seriously. Kremlin with the views from the windows, Eat, drink all you want for free — lyapota, well, and more! You just beaming with happiness! To such an extent were happy that smirk of some fantastic character under the provisional title "dibilenok" seemed to be forever lodged in your face.

That's when your position of "president" fell to fully intelligible to our people the concept of "prezik." I dare you to convince, even in spite of your next political transformation in a variety of words, decisions and actions, this diminutive concept has changed.

Oh, how much we would give, if you were in the way! Utility from your country did not have any, but then the damage too. Well, the man was delirious energy-saving light bulbs — anything, even delusional. All the same, his absurd no one responds, just pohihikivayut condescending.

But, as usual, all the great end comes. He came to and for you, in the form, you need to consider Putin's words: "Look, Dim, of course I understand. But the position was given to you for a reason. Screen — a screen, but at least you do something, do not embarrass me at all really. "

That's the moment the country began to come again until far, but a paragraph. Oh, what a field of action unfolded in front of you! What an opportunity to write his name in history! "Dmitry reformer" and a crown on his head — probably dreamed it for you at night? You screwed up, Mr. Medvedev. Maybe in something and had good ideas, and the words read as you like right from the screen. Stop being a raw materials appendage? Enough is enough! Glory to science? Glory! Next, our homeland? Come on!
But, for God's sake, what do you generally read as? Where, ***, forward? What, ***, thank?

In a country with a lot of supplies energoelementov fuel and gas are so expensive that it's time to run across to the stove and horses. The prices are not below! Sell over th
e hill! So far, ***, forward?

Former our scientists received the Nobel Prize while working abroad — as here they only feed on slogans, and not by works. There is a science cities, give them the tools and the ability — no, we are ***, Skolkovo build! And that was all the more interesting, and science in the form of comics to inform young people become! "Arrh, bam, pew-pew" — so? That after all, it's really interesting! At such a step is not every ruler dare!

You see, as you refer to in connection with that period? One might call you "nano-president", but that's bad luck — people ours on the «Comedy Club» podsevshih one bukovku added, and the release of "onano president." With "masturbator-entertainer" in the sense that coincided.

For you, this was not enough. Confounding all the development of science, you have decided to go further. To really remember when, then remembered forever!
For you, what time zone prevented old times? In an iPhone battery villages, and there is nothing for you to do it? Either this is some kind of revenge regions Far East?

It has long been seen that, as if you do not have to justify any harm or reform steps, your "offer" still rolled. Since there is a pocket in the Duma, the party of your benefactor. Since she will vote as a must — because the president must be maintained! Even if it is inadequate? Do you realize that flattery and pandering to your crazy plans and reforms — the worst thing for you? What words of legitimate criticism and rejection of your actions on the contrary, could assist you to become a worthy manager? In general, what you have to be aware of this when there's iPhone and chirikalka the internet …

You see, that's because of this very paranormal decisions gradually from benign Luntik you started to transform into an unsafe inadequate.

But if it all ended just that! No, for you certainly had to open our own new, the most terrible way!

Mr Medvedev, you — the enemy of the people. You — the real, terrible enemy, because:
1) You trample on the basic law of the country — the Constitution. In your example, any scum feels entitled to do the same — to violate the laws. They know what they do for it not to be;
2) Do you hate all Russian, all the things that were built by our grandfathers and fathers. With your submission of any filth can find fault with impunity the country that nurtured, learned, bustled about people. Your hatred is so great that comes to nonsense — you openly call Offenders Stalin and the Russian government. "Lawyer" which refers to the offender person without trial — that's who the real offender. You hate everything Russian that invented the "de-Stalinization." And yet in our minds Stalin — the leader and "father of nations". And you his background — Pug who wallow in their foam from his mouth;
3) Do you have the audacity to face the people "recognize" Katyn and things like that. I wish you sincerely ask — and that you, in fact, behind a bush from the mountain, which is reflected in our name?

4) You — the enemy of the people to the same as easily reward the traitors of the country, such as Gorbachev. You open the monument to Yeltsin drunk-killer. In light of these events, is it possible to consider you a friend?
5) You — the man bestalantno quite stupidly and criminally spending taxpayers' money. When the country is on the verge of rebellion hungry at your disposal bought the yacht fabulous prices. When students receive a small stipend, the elderly — small pension when in a large country is almost nothing to eat in the Your aircraft purchase service for 6 million

When there are not enough kindergartens, in small towns for kids only have basements, doorways and vacant lots in Russia will be the Olympics and World Cup. Mr. Medvedev, please answer this need by *** country?

6) You — the man brazenly flouting the public interest. The man who imagines himself indispensable authority and brazenly trampling on people's world country. Experts they say about the way the country's disastrous accession to the WTO — you stubbornly pushing us back. Society opposes juvenile justice — you sagely rejoice project "Childhood 2030". Society is against USC — but you give the order to accelerate its implementation.

I at one point, beheld an old man who was sobbing. He uttered the words that I remember forever: "After the war I came back home, it turned out that my husband hung policemen. For the fact that I was a fighter, she was hanged. Now Medvedev Police made the Lord. " Our entire society spoke a "no" renaming, but you, Mr. Medvedev once again wiped his feet on us. Millions that could really go on improving the work of law enforcement agencies, will be spent to replace the signs and seals.

7) You — the enemy of the people to the same as his inactivity are contributing to the destruction of the country in the most important areas — health, education, agriculture, the army — all destroyed. Ministers appointed people to pull, an acquaintance, according to cronyism, for sex, for anything, people are completely ignorant, but do not care for you before!

8) You — the enemy of the people to the same as paying tribute to the Caucasus. Pay to those who kill our people. Pay for peace of mind far-fetched, which, in general, and no. It is not you, not your ministers, your kids do not go on killing of terrorist attacks. They kill us ordinary people. Instead of using power to protect the killers. We can stand up for themselves — but you do not allow us to even do that.

Remember the December Manezhku? Yes, we went there for justice. We have come to tell you that on so can not last. And where were you replaced in order to talk to us? Let's go to a concert of its own beloved fag make a couple of shots later and share them on Twitter? And who should we consider you then?

Once a day, watching your face on TV screens, the population of the country is increasingly and more imbued with the power to hate. Do not think that it does not spill out. Are you for 3 years in the eyes of society have gone from nerd to an enemy of the people. We started with light bulbs, graduated from "de-Stalinization." All of your solutions — tragic harm to the state. At the moment you decided to personally go through yards and porches with the inspection. Return to the first stage of idiocy all around?

We have a long time breaking open mind — how could cooperate within themselves frank idiocy, hatred for others and sabotage. We did not have an answer, as long as you do not give it.

Everything was ordinary and simple, and is the phrase that opens your full point. "To beat themselves wings to the body" — a masterpiece, you have managed to outdo themselves! At my friend asked the question virtually all constantly told that the hull itself wings cock pounding. So all in their places, and you fully meet its essence — an empty crow, cock's mind.

You — a nonentity, in advance play the whole game. If the first party you still have some options for the future, now they are not perfect. You are in a stalemate, Mr. Medvedev. Putin's move Rypnetes you — for you to unscrew the side of his head. Rypnetes not, of itself will continue Ayfonku the Fool represent — you people on the fork will raise. You are at an impasse. No one supports you, all you openly hate and despise.

But, as promised, I want to give you a small chance. I know that you are frankly afraid, but specifically your habit of timidity and not be guilty of anything you can to assist. Do not save completely, but significantly improve your position.
Not many, I can offer for you to choose from two options. Any one of them has the right to life. What do you prefer — your business.

So what should you do if
you do not want to get under people's tribunal, where it will not be an acquittal:
1) The first option, a heavy and terrible. Meanwhile, he can afford to remain more or less of a political figure.

Should be dismissed bureaucrats to blame for the collapse of the country. First ministers — defense, health, education, internal affairs. In their place have come the people worthy master. In addition, must be dismissed head of the CEC Vladimir Churov — for multiple rigging elections at various levels. And certainly, should Putin be fired. Clearly, this is almost a political war. But you have to choose, in the end, who you — the president, who works for the good of the country and people of either political gag "Dampaks"

Should be suspended for education reform, the army halted purchases of imported military equipment, stopped the process of accession of the Russian Federation to the WTO. All solutions similar issues should be left to professionals in their respective industries. More significant for the country should be dealt with by national referendum.

It will be replaced cabinet ministers, experts do their work on themselves. For those of you just have to stop them, and fend off those you displace from office.

2) The second option, easy. By choosing this option, you go into the political shadows, career politician you have rolled, but all that you have to do — a little "beat its wings to the body," shrug before the hosts. In short, exactly what you have is best to come out.

All that is required of you — to hold early parliamentary and presidential elections. Oh, yeah, forgot to write a descent — Bona fide election. Elections, in which each official would know: for rigging the results they would face a real term. After the election, in which no one hesitates, obviously not prevail against "EdaRasy" people's government will do everything itself.

Choose, Mr. Medvedev. Choose fast, time is not enough. We do not want to delay the solution of urgent problems on the long term. Prior to May 1 must take place or the sign of resignation, or announced dates for early elections.

I wish to warn you that the brakes on my appeal to lower unnecessary. If before May 1 will not be configurations — I start an appeal to the people. And be sure, I can find the words to every social group. Because, unlike your crowing, I sincerely wish the good of my people and my country.

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