The appeal to the Russians from the Russian public figures from Ukraine

Appeal to the Russians on Russian public figures from Ukraine

Brothers and sisters, comrades and friends,

We, politicians, public figures and journalists in Ukraine, we wish to appeal to you in this difficult period of the emerging unrest related to the election of the Municipal Duma RF. As the Ukrainian part of the Russian world, as surely read His Holiness, we intently watch the pain and the changes taking place in Russia disturbing events associated with the pro-Western forces trying to organize a "color revolution" in Russia under the pretext of protesting against the "election fraud."

We are very familiar with such motives. After all, we are at in Kiev have already gone through a similar "maidan", while, with its disastrous consequences Ukraine can not cope so far. And it is very frustrating that led to the latest liberals Nemtsov, Yavlinsky, bulk rallies were drawn and many pochetaemye patriots of.

We must admit that today the Russian authorities really deserve harsh criticism for shortcomings in the military, politics and economics.
But the leaders of the protesters against the "party of power" are to blame for an immeasurably more severe offenses, right up to a direct assault on the statehood of Russia. Do they talk about the fraud in the elections?
Especially since the
The same Nemtsov himself while in power, and was guilty of corruption, and massive fraud in the presidential elections in 1996, when Yeltsin defeated. Then it kind of thing is not outraged. Now that he's long since moved away from the office, he began to seek honesty from his rivals. Yavlinsky's comrade Gorbachev also now from every platform threatens to "save Russia." In fact, as experience shows, if you give it a real power, it can destroy the country faster than 500 days.

We have to admit that in the context of real liberal "thugs" who led the protest movement on the Russian "maidans" even still quite liberal representatives of modern power look statists. In the end, particularly under Putin ended large-scale military actions in the North Caucasus has been reflected anger armed Georgia in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, was very important, compared with the Yeltsin timelessness, raised the standard of living of ordinary people. Yes, it was all made half-hearted, this is not finished, but that it lasted until the collapse.
We have experienced in 2004 planted pro-American "grant" chaos, hatred and hysterical screams of rabid Maidan. Yes, if only cries! Many of us because of the "Maidan" suffered moral and even physical pressure from the frenzied, zazombirovannoy propaganda crowd. But the capital's "maidan" would dramatically catalyzed processes of decay, growth russophobia and chaos throughout the CIS, creating a new "Marketplace" in the adjoining states, it could even cause a war in civilian clothes RF and adjacent to her country.
Unlike the capital's opposition protests from Kiev "maidan" in their nationalist rhetoric in his criticism of the authorities with the traditionalist, not a liberal positions. Although led rallies, as already mentioned, there are some repainted proplachennye Western grants, liberals. The situation with the "right-left" opposition in Russia mirror repeats organized by the United States and the European Union upheavals of the "Arab Spring." There's a fight against their own governments, too, joined the constructive Islamic militants and members of the liberal intelligentsia. And yet in the end? In place of the servants of the West in these countries came to the slaves of the West.

Even more was identical to the Russian situation with the Serbian revolution. There occurred bow with ultra-nationalists to fight the corrupt government, which really was worthy of censure. But in a place where Milosevic first came uniformly pro-Western nationalist Kostunica paired with ultra-pro-American Zoran Djindjic. And then in place Kostunica, has a chord ending in humiliation for the Serbian people and the ultimate destruction of its statehood came Boris Tadic. His main concern is to have a direct betrayal of the remaining Serbs in Kosovo and the organization of the "parade" sexy perverts. If in Russia on Putin's place will Potkin, the results will be the same …

Now in Kyiv the very phrase "veteran Maidan", which the participants of the first areal madness proud, became a symbol of simple-minded fool, slave Stealther puppeteers … Neuzh a Russian patriots willing to step on the same rake, shouting slogans for the masses "wise leadership" liberals are now using the statist rhetoric?
For the Orthodox people are very principled position of the Church. But it is clear, it is not encouraged people to go to the "maidan". None of the officials of the Russian Orthodox Church, the elders of the divinely inspired, not in favor of capital "Maidan".
Because we, the representatives of the Russian peace in the Ukraine, we ask you, brothers from their own Russian Federation, to show prudence and sobriety, not lending itself to the role of the forces Russophobic Maidan "cannon fodder".

Igor friends, chairman NGO "People's Council" of Ukraine
Leonid Grach, MP Ukraine, Chairman of the CPSS, the favorite Ukrainian movement "International Russia"
Lena Mazur, chairman of the NGO "For Ukraine, Belarus and Russia" ("Zubr"), MP Ukraine 3rd convocation
Alexander Wizards, writer, MP 1 and the third convocation
Rostislav Ishchenko, president of the Center for Systems Analysis and Forecasting
Oksana Skoda — Vice-President of the Foundation "Russian-Ukrainian cooperation", the journalist
Alexey Selivanov, Chief Ataman Faithful Cossacks
Dmitry Milyuhin, deputy chieftain JCMB "Cossack stronghold"
Sergei Moiseyev, Chairman of the Kharkiv regional public organization "Triune Russia", the chief editor of the newspaper "Rus Triune"
Dmitriy Bezrukov, chairman of the NGO "Orthodox parents' committee" in Zhytomyr
Dmitry Dzhangirov, journalist
Dmitry Skvortsov, journalist
Olga Kiev, the chief editor of the online portal "anti-Orange"

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