The area of natural fires in the Far East more than 5.2 hectares

Factors of 72 wildfires eliminated for the day in the Far East, but by the morning of Saturday 38 fires going on a total area of more than 5.2 thousand hectares, said the regional emergencies center.

The most difficult situation is in Yakutia, which recorded 19 outbreaks of fire in the area of more than 4000 hectares. Burning wood in the Amur Region and the Khabarovsk Territory, ITAR-TASS reported.

For extinguishing fires in 1188 involved firefighters and 168 vehicles. In Yakutia helps firefighters crew amphibious aircraft Be-200 Far Eastern Air-Rescue Centre Emergencies Ministry, throwing for one flight up to 12 tons of water on the most dangerous pockets of fire.

Special fire mode with a total ban on visiting forest communities or restrictions on access to forest areas introduced as a preventive measure in the Amur region, Primorye, as well as in nine districts of Yakutia, 8 districts of the Khabarovsk Territory and the six districts of the Jewish Autonomous Region.


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