The Ark of Ararat and the ancient stone Siberian city


In September of 2003, a researcher of ancient civilizations Andrei Polyakov, made an expedition to Mount Ararat, where according to the Bible Noah's ark rests. Photo and video education in the form of a giant ship then traveled around the world.

Over the next ten years, Polyakov spent several successful expeditions, which indirectly support its version of the existence of a parallel civilization "giants" in antediluvian times. However, the clue Noah's Ark, according to the researcher, it may be in other mountains of Ararat, which is located in Siberia …

— Andrew, the last two years only on your official website appeared doling out information about your life in a remote Siberian taiga. They say almost nothing about the sensational discoveries …

AP: In fact, we have published several articles about our intermediate stages. When we arrived in the village of Old Believers are fraught with the mysterious name, to me and my family the locals explained that they do not want the increased interest on the part of pilgrims and tourists. Even one small article provoked amateur expedition to the object of our interest — the stone city, which we have called Tayatskimi pillars. I had to explain that to me, these people have nothing. Interestingly, their leader, representing himself as a great traveler, brought a group on a regular bus.

But as time goes on. Today conceal interested in the inflow of tourists civilized. And we are ready to help.

— How did you come up with the idea of leaving the taiga to such a long time?

AP: A few years ago I came to Moscow longtime friend Vladimir Jankowski, who replaced the political and administrative career to life in the cozy village of taiga. He knew about my expeditions to Mount Ararat in Nakhichevan and to Lake Baikal, and told me that tayatskie Mountain stores a lot of legends. They struck me as interesting, though not certain. Frankly speaking, I have no plans to go into the forest.

But one day, Vladimir played his final argument. "Do you know that the real Ararat located near the village Karatuzskoe?" — He asked pointedly. As evidence Jankowski showed me a map of where the mountain really was listed with that name. I had to change my plans. But I knew that one fell swoop can not find anything. Then the decision was made — to go to Siberia for three years.

— It was hard to get used to life in the countryside?

AP: A fundamentally new was only the climate. We have a summer house in the suburbs and the family estate near Kaluga. And there, and there had to work on the ground. That's all it was, as it were, by the way. Of course, the home life was more comfortable. And in the pose we bought a house Phillips Old Believers, who is only on the documents was 70 years old. It put things in order, planted a vegetable garden. Became a lot to communicate with residents, and shoot all around. Pose located on the banks of the great rivers Kazyr, in a valley surrounded by mountains. We can compare with the Alps, only much prettier.

Stone Town. Photo courtesy of Svetlana Melnikova

— Local residents are somehow different from other people?

AP: Pose some 200 years ago founded the Old Believers, who came here from the European part of Russia. According to the legend, the leaders were pioneers in unique places that will form the basis of the new world. Until the 1990s, the Old Believers, as they should, as lived apart. But gradually and reached for a civilization here, which is largely violated the age-old way of life. In addition to the fertile lands laid eyes "Norilsk Nickel", who pitched here a huge farm.

But in 1993, the year it was folded. Those who are drawn into the cash nexus, suddenly found themselves without a job. It was at this time here pulled the first followers of Vissarion, which initially wary, but then there was an interesting bow between the old and the new faith. Interestingly, they both do not drink, do not smoke or foul language. All this, combined with the hard work has made this village unique.

Such a number of new houses, probably, in the whole Krasnoyarsk Territory. It is interesting that the third wave — are representatives of affluent Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia, who found himself peace of mind. Many refer to pose new Rublevka, but I think it would be more correct to call them a Paradise on Earth. Especially in the six kilometers from the village is the tract Burundat where women stood up to the Old Believers skit 1970s. I have been to many holy places on Earth, but this place is just amazing!

— Who founded the monastery?

AP: According to legend, there lived a monk-hermit. But during the Civil War, he was joined by the widow of white officers killed in red. They lived entirely on their hands. A lot of praying. To them from time to time in the 1930s, frequented by the representatives of the NKVD, but did not touch a hermit, who, according to his, bought off with small jewels. For old books hunted writer Alex Cherkasov. One of the novices is still alive. But living in a village near the Molinovka pose.

— From the monastery something left?

AP: No. Only time fallen crosses with churchyard. When I saw them, something turned over in my mind. I have not slept all night and in the morning decided to put in the memory of great women worship the cross. We found him in council. A year later, made a sign "Guardians of Sanctity grateful descendants."

— But let's get back to the purpose of your expedition …

AP: And we are far away from her and never left. The purpose of any and all of our expeditions — the memory of our legendary ancestors — from Noah to Burundata recluse, a monastery which, by the way, was at the foot of the hills on which the city is spread stone.

— This is an artificial entity?

AP: When we got there the first time, opinions were divided. Some thought that he appeared not without outside help. Others are convinced that this is a natural formation.

— What do you personally in terms of practice?

AP: Natural. But … Is there something that I was very interested. If my suspicions are confirmed, then we get a clue to the many mysteries of antiquity, around which there are disputes over the millennia. I think this year we will be able to achieve its goal.

— At the beginning of the interview, you mentioned Ararat. It is associated in some way with the stone city? When and who gave the name of this mountain?

AP: I think that all of this is related. The local ethnographers have four versions of the origin of the name Ararat, but all of them, in my opinion, does not lack any real foundation. Back in the 1960s, Krasnoyarsk journalist was investigating. He almost got confused in his conclusions, but it is clearly discernible thought that the name existed before the arrival of settlers here.

— What is your view on this?

AP: I think the name is very ancient. In the Old Testament, as we know, Noah landed on the mountains of Ararat. The Armenians called Ararat Masis. Some Armenian scholars argue that their ethnic group was formed by the merger of the indigenous population, whose members were tall with white hair and blue eyes, and alien Arabian tribe.

We are talking about some kind of civilization known by different names, whose members occupied conventional band in the Bronze Age to the modern Vladivostok to the Carpathians. So, what was the Ararat is primary and which is secondary — the question unanswered. By the way, in Khakassia also have a mountain of the same name. In addition, in these places Siberian found many places with Sanskrit origin.

— Maybe Noah's Ark is found in Siberia, not in Turkey?

AP: The fact that the antediluvian civilization was very advanced. She had a powerful fleet, the giant ships that plied the seas and oceans. Noah to build the ark hired shipbuilder, but it was built for special drawings and special technology. Therefore, after the Flood, the legendary ship could easily be kept in the vicinity of the Turkish Ararat.

In Siberia could well remain some other ancient vessel built on the same principles. But the essence of Ararat not find it in the ark, and in the symbol of the salvation of mankind. And if sometime around Ararat first one was born, and later revived our civilization, then why not another Ararat foundation for establishing a new, more advanced civilization?

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