The biggest splash in 2004 UFO sightings over Russian




Since 17 April 2004 on the European part of Russia is snowballing growth in the number of UFO sightings, as evidenced by the number of arriving at the "Kosmopoisk" messages on the program "UFOseti." All observations and photographs UFO happened so far only in the evening hours in the "strip" Vologda, Yaroslavl-Moscow area, in all cases, the participation of a large number of observations of witnesses, among whom were members of the "Kosmopoisk", in most cases, independent reports coming from other groups of observers . April 17 "lights, flying on a chaotic trajectory" seen in the Vologda and Yaroslavl. April 18, "a strange cylindrical object" seen at the Minsk highway in the Moscow region, it even managed to shoot a video camera. April 19, "a glowing UFO" seen in Krylatskoye in Moscow. Unverified and unconfirmed reports received so far, and sightings on April 22-23.
"Kosmopoisk" asks all volunteers to pay greater attention to the reports of these reports and, if possible, arrange his own observations in the field. It is hoped that such an avalanche of messages allows to localize areas lags (maneuvers) UFO for further study on the place of these places. Group of the Association are waiting for "decoupling" of this very large spike of observations in 2004, and some members of the "Kosmopoisk" — in constant readiness for an emergency exit on the case for further developments.


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