The Black Sea is deadly


31.05.11.V Odessa region completes liquidation of the largest oil spill, the pollution was the coast from Carolino Bugaz to the 16th century. Fontana. According to the Governor Edward Matviychuk, beaches are clean by 90% and collected more than 250 tons of a mixture of sand and oil. "Well-coordinated work of our team has avoided catastrophe" — the official said.

A press center oblMChS told us that the culprits have set emission. This — the Russian tanker "Orion A" and the Cyprus' Chief Baltic 1 ". Leak occurred at a time when the "black gold" is pumped from one vessel to another. Owners and captains of tankers expects a large fine. By the way, "Orion", as of May 29, passed the Strait of Kerch, "Chief Baltic 1" was in the port of St. Nicholas. Writes about it today.

Meanwhile, experts triumphant statements by officials in doubt.

"If a spill occurs, as officially reported, in international waters, the sea should be formed great spot — says the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas Sergey Dyatlov. — On the beach could only throw of the petroleum products, and not the greatest. But the collection of oil from the water no one engages in, even though it is quite efficient technologies (for example, in ONU them. Metchnikoff developed a method of cleaning oil from the sea with the help of "smart" bacteria. — Ed.). So the danger is still there. , Mass death of fish and birds as well as the accumulation of toxins by living organisms. "

1 ton of oil can cover in a few hours 12 square meters. km of the sea surface.


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