The cholera epidemic in Haiti. 4.76 thousand people killed


6.04.11.Epidemiya cholera in Haiti, which lasts from October last year, claimed the lives of 4.76 thousand. According to the Ministry of Health of Caribbean countries, the total number of cases since the beginning of the epidemic has exceeded 270 thousand citizens. Writes about it today.

Most of the dead (888) registered in the northern department of Artibonite, where she was awarded one of the first outbreaks of cholera. Victims of infection in the West department, which is located in the capital, Port-au-Prince, were 887.

According to the Haitian Ministry, from the beginning of the epidemic in the country have been hospitalized more than 144.7 thousand cases, but now the medical center is only 2,9 thousand people.

Haitian experts still have not found the source of the appearance of cholera in Haiti. It is assumed that the spread of infection could cause dumping feces into the river from the camp Mirebalais Nepalese battalion of the UN mission, located in the country. Haitian cholera spread to the neighboring Dominican Republic, where recorded seven deaths from the disease.


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