The climate is out of balance

March 9, 2013. Global thaw can significantly alter the planet. However, scientists can not say when it will happen: after a few decades or hundreds of years. One thing is for sure — the global climate change has already begun and it is impossible to stop.

Responsibility for process global climate change lies with the person only partially: it "warms" atmosphere, building large cities and increasing production. But this is not the main factor. Our planet has its cycles of cooling and warming. And people only accelerate this process, explains the head of the climate program of the World Wildlife Fund, Alexey Kokorin: "Natural climate variability is determined by ocean cycles with a period of 60-70 years. This means that the next two decades will not necessarily be warmer than the previous ones, and they may be colder. But in the next decade can be significantly warmer. This is not a simple linear increase in temperature — it is an undulating process. When the temperature increases, the intensity of the movement of air masses. Accordingly, we get more air incursions from the north and south. The result — the unstable weather. And, most likely, this will continue. "

In the next few years, forecasts unlikely to please: abnormal frosts and droughts, typhoons and floods will occur more frequently. Climate out of balance. Asian melting glaciers promises drought. But the inhabitants of the Nordic ice melting can be beneficial, I'm sure the director of strategic planning and partnership of the International Sustainable Energy Development Vladimir Burdine: "If we talk about Russia, it will be a positive factor in increasing the duration of the shipping period in the Northern Sea Route. Will also increase the duration of the growing season of plants, and that's a plus for agriculture. In addition, the reduced time and heating seasons, respectively, the amount of fuel burned. "

In the North, indeed, become warmer. Experts point out that even now in the tundra take root trees from more southern latitudes. However thaw bring to humanity and a lot of trouble, the head of the climate program of the World Wildlife Fund, Alexey Kokorin: "Global thaw — It is not just the temperature rise, but also rising sea levels. The fact that he will rise a meter — is inevitable. It is clear that it is especially dangerous for Asian coastal cities. Also, it's bad for the small island states, such as the Maldives. "

But if the winter in Russia and Canada will be warmer, then perhaps a hundred — the other years will open northern sea routes. And not only along the Russian coast, but Northwestern way: from the coast of Canada and Greenland, directly across the Bering Strait to Asia. And in the South, on the contrary, will become colder. Scientists remind us that the glaciers in Antarctica are growing. And it is also natural process.

Source: Voice of America

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