The collapse of a coal mine in China, underground locked 12 people



BEIJING, Nov. 18. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Kargapol'tsev /. As a result of the collapse of a coal mine in China's underground locked 12. As reported today by the Xinhua News Agency, the accident occurred in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

On the causes of the incident is not reported. There is also no information about how many miners were working in the mine at the time of the collapse.

This is not the first serious accident at the mine in China over the past two weeks, reported by mainstream media. The largest of which occurred on November 4, when 53 people were cut off from the surface at a mine in Henan province after it collapsed rocks. The accident killed eight miners and others were rescued. November 10 at the mine in the county Sychzhuan Shizong southwestern province of Yunnan explosion of gas. Currently already confirmed 35 deaths, 8 more miners are still missing.

The mining industry in the PRC is considered the most dangerous in the world. Annually as a result of various incidents in the mines of the country killing thousands of people. The cause of most accidents — the lack of basic equipment manufacturing safety.


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