The crew for the mission to Mars in 2020 recruited

The latest news from the headquarters NASA, relating to flight Mars Space Shuttle in 2020. National Space Agency of America have decided on the astronauts who will go to the "Red Planet" after 7 years. 4 women and 4 men are ready to get a one way ticket …

The candidates had to pass a rigorous selection — all expressed a desire to go to Mars 6100. Their knowledge and level of training were tested in the various tests and trials throughout the year and a half, they also had to pass more than one medical examination. "We chose the eight people who showed the best academic, physical and psychological training," — said in a statement.

Among the lucky ones — a former military pilot, a physicist by training, a 39-year-old Josh Kassad. 37-year-old African American Victor Glover serves in the U.S. Navy, the education he is — a test pilot. 37-year-old Nick Haig is also a test pilot, is now serving at the Pentagon and is engaged in research on disposal of improvised explosive devices.

34-year-old Christina Hamok directing research in the field of oceanography. 35-year-old Nicole Mann serves in the Marine Corps, and 34-year-old Anne McClain is a military and also recently completed a training school for test pilots. 35-year-old Jessica Meir, an anesthesiologist working in the School of Medicine at Harvard University. 37-year-old doctor of medicine and soldier Andrew Morgan has a wealth of experience in emergency medical situations.

"Each of them has a wealth of experience and has specific skills. They will be able to share their knowledge with each other, and I'm sure will make a huge contribution to the research NASA », — said the representative of the Johnson Space Center, Janet Kavandi.

For the first time women make up such a large percentage of participants in space missions NASA. Only in 1998, NASA crew members were also four women, but only in the group had 25 members.

In August of future astronauts will undergo pre-flight training at the training center of the American astronauts in Houston. If they are successful, the candidates will join the 48 experienced NASA astronauts for future "missions to low-Earth orbit, the asteroid and Mars," the statement said.

Annual salary of recruits during training will be from 64 to 140 thousand dollars.



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