The death of 870,000 birds in Mexico from the flu


30.06.12.Na territory of western Mexican state of Jalisco experts reported outbreak of bird flu. According to local authorities, to date, cases have been identified in 10 of 111 large poultry farms in the state. As a result of infection with H7N3 have died or been destroyed by farmers about 870,000 birds, another 1.7 million are considered to be contaminated. In two municipalities quarantined.

Farms located in the vicinity of topics where identified cases, subjected to sanitary inspection. Soon to Mexico purchased to be delivered in one of the Asian bird flu vaccine, which, according to forecasts, will significantly reduce deaths on poultry farms, according to ITAR-TASS.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Mexican health services insist that the virus "does not pose any risk to consumers of poultry meat." On their assurances, the ongoing measures aimed at ensuring that, first of all, to stop the spread of the virus and prevent the loss of birds due to infection with them.

Source: Lead

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