The entrepreneur has purchased 60 buses to Orenburg

In the regional center Rally "Orenburg — our city", organized by and for the sake of Orenburg.
Here is the solution to the transport problem in a particular town. Brand new "Lasik" in a row. But behind the outward brilliance there is another aspect. Work. Focused, intense and, at the same time, requiring quick decision-making. Since the beginning of this year, the city administration launched a series of tenders for the distribution of bus routes. They immediately joined those who care about such a serious issue. Sixty buses purchased for the city businessman Alexander Shmarin. The price of each — nearly a million rubles.

"Our town is beautiful and even more spice to the City Day, we decided to also make a range of colors in our city, because the buses — that face the city of Orenburg. And those buses that drive, it will be the pride of our city, "- says businessman Alexander Shmarin.
The driver of a 23-year veteran Vladimir Zuenko can not get enough of. Prior to that, he worked on the bus with mileage 200,000 kilometers. Now — is another matter. "New is new. Nothing rattles, all lit, all buttons. I am very pleased, "- said Vladimir Zuenko driver.
The new buses will be pleased now Orenburg passengers. Among Alexander Shmarina new trucks will update the fleet by 60 percent. But for all urban transport sector is — not a drop in the ocean. Modern passenger traffic must meet the current requirements.
"Z0achastuyu happens that the person or the driver got out and flat, boarded a bus and went to the line. Who will control it? Therefore, the future is worthy of large companies that have a repair depot med.rabotnika, control on line and mechanics ", — said the head of the Administration of Orenburg Eugene Arapov.
The interior smells brand new materials to these seats no one has ever sat. It is planned that in the future on these buses will translate into gas. But in Orenburg artists program to develop the transport sector is not going to save. Therefore, technology updates, and continue on. Already this year by private carriers purchased 230 pieces of rolling stock.

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