The Exorcist — man vs. Evil!

The Exorcist.
The whole body is shaking Peter Lloyd. His eyes rolled back, arms hanging like vines, and he muffled groans. In two inches from his face quivering on him screaming man in a dark woolen sweater and corduroy breeches. Or more precisely, shouting at something inside him …
As you understand, we will talk about the people who are entrusted with the mission of the exorcism of the man. Who are they, who are and what is their purpose?

"Get out. Get out of the evil spirit, and go into the abyss, "shouts Pastor Vincent. "Get out of the abyss! Cowardly spirit, I excommunicate you from Peter. Get out now! '.

With that, he devotes right eyelid Peter, looking into his glazed eyes and smashes him in the chest, puts his head on a leather-bound Bible and starts to cry again.

"The Holy Spirit, I ask the court of God to punish the evil spirit. Punish him. To punish him! Repeat after me, Peter: "In the name of Jesus, I renounce the blasphemy to my father in heaven."

"Now look at me cowardly spirit, and tell me your name. Identify yourself! ".

Pastor Vincent holds an exorcism or "inner healing and liberation of the spirit," as he likes to call it.

"It's a battle of the spirit — an exorcism, literally means the expulsion of evil spirits," he told me three hours earlier, when used to cover the forehead Peter olive oil, we checked the disconnected their phones and locked the office door community center St Paul's Trust in Margate.

"Most people who come to me to have been everywhere, tried everything and nothing worked, but I get results."

Five years ago, Pastor Vincent ten Bauhaus, a native of Holland, led a small business on the reconstruction of hotels.

But then he was born again when spent five weeks training course in the Church of Spiritual Freedom in Phoenix, Arizona, opened the online Vincent Ministries and currently holds more than 100 "of getting rid of ghosts" in a year.

"The demand has risen strongly, so I was terribly busy."

He is one of thousands of modern charismatic charmers who spend spells each day in the United Kingdom in exchange for donations or offerings ("People are generous, but, again, their lives are improving extremely").

They are advertised on the Internet and in the "Yellow Pages" and are present on Twitter and Facebook. Many of them, including Pastor Vincent, even offering online training courses — "50 pounds in a month is a good price", where newly minted exorcists know what's what.

"The demand has risen strongly, so I was terribly busy," he said. And the last time terribly busy not only pastor of Vincent.

In the past few decades, the demand for exorcists had grown. Just last week, more than hundreds of Roman Catholic bishops and priests gathered in Baltimore, USA, to discuss the overwhelming demand and a shortage of priests properly qualified for his satisfaction.

As one Catholic priest: "More and more people are invading the world of the occult, but there they may get confused and lost, and then come to us."

Because, surprisingly, although each Anglican Church and the Catholic Diocese still have at least one bishop-exorcist, parishioners can also call the ambulance paranormal.

They do not advertise their services — Catholic exorcists forbidden to talk about their activities, but behind the scenes they were busy with solving the problems of paranormal parishioners, police officers, doctors and Samaritans (apparently we have in mind … and other good folk, approx. Mixednews).

Although their work is mostly for comfort and reassurance, sometimes they still hold formal rites of exorcism.

They also operate in accordance with a strict set of guidelines, and to show himself as an exceptionally holy people.

"This specialization, which has always been seen with a great sense of reverence and awe," said one priest, who can not be named. "We're talking about saving the human soul, and not something routine."

So why is Peter Lloyd (who claims to be possessed by the spirit of himself at age eight) made a choice in favor of Pastor Vincent?

"For I have prayed in the church, but nothing much has happened," says Peter. "So I found it on the Internet, and here I am."

"They come to me because I have the results," says Pastor Vincent. "Either the Lord, who makes it through me. We go a lot deeper than the Church, and we find a tiny hook, for which clings to the evil spirit.

"Of course they are noisy. Some tears, some shouting in a loud voice, and some express themselves, crawling on the floor like a snake, which of course affects the nerves, but it works, "said the Rev. Tom Willis, also an exorcist, but much more traditional.

For 50 years he worked in the Diocese of York in the Church of England as Svyaschennoosluzhitelya Liberation (the preferred term for the church exorcist) until his retirement in 1996, he was a special adviser to the Archbishop of York on the occult.

Today, he is helping the church, and it at least twice a week, call for help in the paranormal manifestations or in other situations.

"Now I am even more loaded than ever before — even calling the police to help," he says. "Nobody really wants to know, but it's a fact that we have to deal."

Reverend Willis has already lost count of how many times he slipped quietly, often at night, in hotels, houses, factories, offices, operations and police to perform their duties on the "hidden service of the Church."

And he's seen a lot of unexplained phenomena.

Once he knocked on the floor some powerful force. "I hit his head, I twisted so that your elbows hit the knees, and my every muscle tensed."

Saw a lot of flying objects — "VCRs, shampoo bottles, pieces of wall ornaments traveling through brick walls and doors that, clapping, opened and closed. Sometimes I felt a sudden movement, something like an electric current, and the people shouted, "It's up to you! It's in the corner! ".

But he insists that the real demonic possession — the phenomenon is very, very rare.

"For 50 years I have watched it only three or four times, but mostly it is a mental illness.

"All those who claim that they are possessed, very rare indeed are obsessed. You can not become obsessed, just go to the store — to do this tightly indulge in all sorts of occult tricks and call evil. "

The process by which the Church reveals the true obsession — strictly defined.

While all of the criteria — an aversion to religious objects, razgovarivanie languages that people never taught, as well as a demonstration of supernatural abilities, such as extraordinary strength, not come together — the obsession is not proven.

That raises the question: why Pastor Vincent spends so much exorcisms? And where are all these demons?

"Drug abuse, rejection *, sexual abuse … there is also the spirit of homosexuality. My good friend was a homosexual, he came to the Lord, and now he is married and has a family.

* In the original rejection — rejection. It looks like there is going to rejection of God, the parents of the children, etc., approx. mixednews

(Peter, the expulsion of the demons from which I watched fall under several of these categories — it is regularly used cocaine and LSD, his father gave it up when he was a kid, and he had witnessed sexual violence).

Of course, many people would rather put off that homosexuality is mentioned in the same breath with demonic possession, but the head of the church called Life Changing Ministries Trevor Newport, who performed an exorcism "live" on Channel 4 in 2005, has an even more radical views . He said the invitation to demons and reading horoscopes, yoga, Harry Potter and the practice of martial arts.

"I even drove out different things from their own children," he says. "It's hereditary, you know, if your ancestors were engaged in witchcraft, it could also have an impact on you such things." Trevor born-again Christian who flies around the world, driving out demons from people speaking at international conferences and seminars to raise money.

"I pray about the money all the time. Offerings me good — I keep getting thousands. I earned 3,000 pounds this week only on donations. And I always fly only first or business class.

"I was very successful, but it is tedious. Threw themselves at me with knives, and the woman yelled at me a man's voice. When the spirit leaves, often there are physical manifestations — it may be coughing or yawning unnatural. This is an incredibly interesting and useful work — and I like to be of service to people.

Perhaps it is not surprising then that the heyday of the so-called Internet of exorcists has raised some concerns.

"Some of these people decide to become a pastor, a quick pass a training course, and they're free," says the priest, who asked not to be named.

"I do not blame them, but the danger is that they do not have anyone whom they have to listen."

"And if there are money, then things can go very bad very quickly. Many of these churches can work with excessive enthusiasm. "

Normal position of the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church in relation to these churches, it is a healthy skepticism.

"If someone comes in and says that he has visions of the Virgin Mary, the safest is to be skeptical, and to work with this position," said the priest. But how to distinguish between obsession and medical condition?

According to Pastor Vincent, it can help in both cases. "A lot of problems from disassotsiirovaniya identity," he says. "This is the fragmentation of the mind, and it will all happen by itself if you allow God to enter."

Trevor Newport explains a little more clearly: "God shows me that someone in need of care, or in remission.

"I can see that. I know when something is not demonic, but just mental. "

Both waves, both old and new, can be persuaded, perhaps, of one thing: how amazing they are in demand. "This is a huge social problem, but because of the image and shy people will not admit it," says Willis.

Apparently a position lined up for half a century. Number of demonic possession and possessed houses jumped after the abolition of the Bill of Witchcraft in 1951 (over hundreds of years it has been illegal in the UK to use the fortune tellers).

Ozabochennnost Vatican was so high that in 2000 he released a new guide to the ritual of exorcism (which replaces the version of 1614), which encourages co-operation with doctors to differentiate between demonic possession and mental illness.

And just three years ago, Pope ordered the bishops to create teams of exorcists, priests, who must be trained in special courses to combat the rise of Satanism.

But despite all this, most people are still blissfully unaware of the fact that the church has such a strange service — or what gets so many referrals from psychiatrists and police.

If you type the word "exorcist" in a search engine, you will find a lot of people offering "services to free", "release the spirit" and stuff like that — but no mention of the church.

Willis says: "This is not something that we offer on Sundays with morning coffee and biscuits, but it's always been part of the ministry of the church that Jesus commanded."

"And it always will be."

In the cold office in Margate after nearly three hours of howls and moans — Peter and Pastor Vincent climax.

"Get out. Get out. GET OUT! ".

Finally, Peter gray-faced and in tears falls into a chair. He looks totally devastated and broken, but insists that he feels some kind of relief.

"I feel like something has changed. I do not know what, but I feel that was the best, "says Peter. "Of course it feels," added Pastor Vincent.

"Praise the Lord. Hallelujah! -Hallelujah! Hallelujah! "



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