The explosion at an electrical substation in Kazakhstan. Video


15.06.11.Segodnya center Almaty elektrosnabzheniya.Na left without a high-voltage substation on fire. Moreover, it presented only at the beginning of this year. On-site emergency and visited by our correspondents.

Since early this morning was burning high-voltage substation in the center of Almaty. After a short circuit in the switchgear, voltage six kilovolts, it was all about, and then the fire started. Of the accident no one was hurt. Arrived at the emergency fire with fire fought for about three hours.

Gulshat DAURENBEKOVA, press service chief DES ALMATY:

— The fire was contained at five forty-five minutes, and in seven forty-five been completely eradicated. While the cause of the fire are being investigated. It is unknown what happened, except that a short circuit in the substation and then burning.

Without the light of all the inhabitants were almost Medeu District of Southern capital. The witnesses to the incident have not been able to recover, said after the explosion, the voltage changed several times a minute, and then the light was gone altogether. Residents fear for their appliances.

Alejandro, a witness:

— When I came home at about 4:00, all appliances included blinking. All, Shutdown. I'm still in the elevator noticed something suspicious, but did not take into account. All appliances, including light blinks for 15 seconds. Microwave, refrigerator. I woke my wife and son, and then we saw the fire. Burning power plant. After about 15 minutes, two police cars arrived, then fire.

What happened at the substation, which, incidentally, have opened this year, finds a special commission. Presumably this is a short circuit. Meanwhile, residents of the center of Almaty were without electricity. But the most important objects electricians still provide electricity.

ASKAR BALABATYROV, Deputy. PRESIDENT'S MANUAL JSC "Alatau Zharyk Kompaniyasy":

— Now 50 percent of the load, we perezapitali. Additionally allow current hospital, drug abuse clinic, and a number of responsible consumers.

Later in the afternoon there was electricity in most homes the center of Almaty. No light are 15 streets. State of emergency in place are working.

Tatiana Teryukalova, Yernar Kusainov.

Source: TRC "31 channel" — Kazakhstan

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