The explosion at the mine killed seven Chinese miners


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28.10.11.Moschny explosion of gas, methane, thundered at one of the mines of China, located in the central province of Henan, has killed seven miners.

Search 11 people continues. An explosion on Thursday, October 27, write Chinese media.

Tszyulishan coal mine located in Jiaozuo, central China, Henan Province. At the time of the explosion in the mine were changed from 18 people. Body of 7 people Rescuers have recovered to the surface, but the fate of 11 people is still unknown.
The operation to find the missing miners continues. Began investigation into the causes of the explosion.

China still leads in the number of accidents and casualties in the mining industry. Most accidents are caused by the fact that the administration of mines saving money for the provision of basic sanitation standards and safety regulations in the industry.


Source: The Epoch Times

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