The explosion at the mine predicted clairvoyant?




Yesterday in the Kuzbass town Osinniki last farewell to the dead miners

Miners' wives have not already had the strength even to cry.


Many carried in closed coffins, although miners' funerals is not accepted. "From the body only pieces left" — those are crying relatives who still have tears. The faces of some of the deceased opaque plastic bags — face severely disfigured.

— Oh, woe is something which has come true clairvoyant prediction — quietly whisper to present.

Indeed, word of the impending disaster a week before the "bloody Easter" stirred up the mining town. When we arrived in Osinniki in the crowd cry, but hoping for a miracle people next to mine and then remembered authoritative father Basil from nearby Novokuznetsk.

— People say he's congregation announced soon be trouble! — Says the woman Mary. — It seems someone from Novokuznetsk seers had a vision — the fire raging below ground, and in it are burning people alive …

Parishioners decided, would be another earthquake. Altai, with his earth movements closely. On a possible accident at the mine thought. And Osinnikovskaya mine "Tayzhina" rumors and did not believe.

We caught up with Father Basil Buglakov — rector of the church of the Archangel Michael. "Yes, that's you! I have no trouble did not predict. How can I deal with expectations? All of God's will. "

But the popular rumor persists: it was a prediction.

End of the genus Repushkinyh

All day yesterday, rescuers searched for the last and youngest miner — 19-year-old Dennis Repushkina. Grandfather Denis Aleksandrov, banging her stick, do not hesitate to wet eyes, patched trousers and even a hastily thrown over a hanger is not their own, BABKIN checkered coat, requires:

— Find my Deniska! Though handle it! Race ended Repushkiny's, E. .. your ma-amb!

Toll grandfather bends his fingers, "nurse" (a favorite granny Denis) recently died — again. Then he killed the father of Dennis — two. Now here in the underground fire vanished only grandson. He, his grandfather, the only one left!

And approaching the last sensed trouble as a family. Denis finished learn miner. In his final uchilishchnyh "crusts" wrote one "underground" and two "ground" of the profession (driver and welder). 72-year-old grandfather Dennis Toll long urged:

— Stay out of the mine! Stay on the ground!

Denis said:

— I'm the same guy!

When Dennis went into the mine for the last time on the night, his grandfather Toll suddenly remembered that his grandmother's fortieth invited photographer. Offered to relatives photographed under a portrait of his grandmother. And Denis — out the door. Chorus him

— Che and grandmother do not want to be photographed?

Denis grunted

— With a portrait of Che? It is better to witness …

And did not sit down with everyone.

And in the morning my grandfather Toll heard on TV about the explosion on "Tayzhine." And crawl on the back:

— Here's Dennis and grandmother and saw each other!

Larissa MAKSIMENKO, Nikita Mironov. ("KP" — Kemerovo "). Photo by the authors.


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