The fate of the Air Force openly. Reasonable proposals to strengthen the military aviation

As a veteran of the Air Fleet and past Chief of the Air Force Russian Union, the Union of independent states and the Russian Federation in the period of 7 years (1991 to 1998), I have every right to express again in the press on the forthcoming proposals strengthening of state security in the military sphere.

These proposals open a discussion Nov. 23, 2012 during a frank interview the former commander of the Air Force EI Shaposhnikov, AM Kornukov, VS Mikhailov, A. Zelin and creator of these lines — PS Deinekin. With all of this at the Commander in Chief of different generations was no disagreement in the gaze of both the conceptual modern state, and on the future development of the Air Force.

Any one of us has many years of experience serving in the military aviation, including me — four decades in the Air Force. Is not contrary to the view expressed gaze control of the country for military reform and modern look of the Armed Forces. Together with the fact we want to offer to correct the mistakes in the reform of the army, which in recent years have caused severe air force combat abilities (but not yet fully reparable) damage. This is true not only of military aviation, and other branches of the Armed Forces.

Fix this by careful decisions Defense Minister and Chief of the General Staff with the least expenditure of time, effort and money. Air Force commanders have prepared for this dilemma an appeal to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Vladimir Putin, also decided to publish their sights on reforming the army in the media.

The main question

During the construction of the post-Soviet Russian army (from May 7, 1992) after acute and long discussion in the upper echelons of power has been achieved in the realization of a unified look on the content of 3 branches of the Armed Forces of geophysical fields of warfare: land forces — land, the Navy — the ocean, the Air Force — the sky. With all of this lost status (but not abolished!) Of the Armed Forces of the Strategic Rocket Forces and Air Defense Forces destination country. As a result of this transformation, all kinds of military defense took their natural place: anti antiamphibious and — in the Army, anti-submarine and mine — in the Navy, and the anti-aircraft — in the Air Force. After such associations Defense Minister (Igor Sergeyev) and the new Air Force Commander (AM Kornukov) conducted major exercises, after which officially recognized the power of the Air Force as a new (combined with the Air Defense Forces) of the Armed Forces.

In 2005, the Russian Security Council adopted a decision in the coming strengthen the army through the development of a three-branch structure.

With all of this it was assumed that the formation of new (eg troops Aerospace Defence) will be created inside the Air Force and so increase the combat capabilities of the Armed Forces and the Air gallakticheskoy defense. By the way, the term "defense against air and space", many causes misunderstanding. Anti-tank, antiamphibious, anti-submarine, anti-mine, fire, anti-aircraft and missile defense — there seems to be clear without unnecessary words, but how do we defend against the sky and the cosmos? Maybe make the troops' protivonebesnoy "defense? Brad!

But the reformers of recent years have made generous (at first glance) to sample air and space defense (for individuals) is not on the foundation of the Air Force, but due to the destruction of the Armed Forces. They also led to the fact that the army fired first two thousand soldiers from staffing, and in a couple of weeks announced the recruitment for military service 70 thousand young officers.

Changes in the organizational structure of the Russian army over the past 5 years removed control system Air Force and Air Defense Forces sawed porazdavali tactical aviation (FA) to the military districts. These events brought back the Air Force in 1941 and led to a trivial decrease their combat power.

Personnel policy

Us nothing is so inexpensive and does not do so is not cheap, as the wrong destination. We, the Air Force Commander, offer newcomer to the management of the Armed Forces of the path leading to the aerospace defense (early warning, air defense, missile defense, and PKO) on the platform of the Head of the Military Command of the Air Force. In addition, the transfer to the Air Force and the Strategic Rocket Forces mission, as it is manufactured in the US Air Force.

Control system

It is necessary to return the disturbed control system Air Force and Air Defense. Reliable control is a basic condition in at least some sectors of human activity. Command of the army (at first glance) is simple, but in order to control the aircraft, it is necessary to live a great life in it and realize it really, from the inside. And it's hard. The point here is that the flights on the plans of combat training in the Air Force conducted by Japan to the Baltic Sea constantly, and day or NIGHT MODE. And the abolition of the Central Command Air Force Fri (CCU Air Force) can be explained (if not sabotage) by a simple misunderstanding of the daily life of military aircraft. I remember one of the initiators of the military reform 80 years of the twentieth century, stated: "Yes, I'm a plane that did not run? '. General of the Army he was, but eccentric. And how can we reform is a case in which you are not a damn thing you mean?

Evidence of such a careless decision can serve eviction central operational control of the structure of the General Staff and its placement on the successful foundations of the bank. This is the "reform"!

Here and our opponent was not asleep — he attacked South Ossetia, particularly during this unfortunate move. By the way, they are a favorite for some reason was not afraid of our aerospace defense, but during the flight from the fear of Russian Air Force started chewing his tie, and his tank crew scattered. And if our commander in chief will again have to make more than one aggressor to peace, how Air Force Commander (without NBI) will control the aircraft? Again on the mobile phone as the General Staff in 2008?

So, in order to avoid recurrence of such shame on the basis of extant protected Fri team to recreate the reformers abolished CCU Air Force. Can a digital piano or in Monino, in the dark river or in Engels can be in other places. Choice available. Let's lay that underground cables and strips cut the links to them do not have time.

The structure of the Air Force and tactical aviation

Basically you want to keep command of the Air Force Command FA (in the operational manual commanders of military districts), the command of a distant aircraft (DA) and the command of the Military Transport Aviation (VTA).

Well Orgshtatnye structure and BTA in the main are balanced and are in accordance with the combat abilities, in the presence of their aircraft and weapons.

Crews distant aviation duty in the air (with in-flight refueling) on turboprop aircraft TU-95 for 42 hours and the jet supersonic aircraft Tu-160 ships — for 22 hours non-stop, and there combat training all right. And the position that the military-transport aircraft (for transporting over long distances troops, military equipment and cargo) should be fixed, can not be questioned. This theorem, and to this end to see the establishment of Military Transport Division based at airfields in the center of, and in the Trans-Baikal region in Primorye. It can be (for example) airfields Ulyanovsk-East, Ulan-Ude and Vozdviz East (Primorye).

As for the idea of recreating the Air Force and Air Defense Army, it needs to calculate the presence of forces. God grant that they had a few full-fledged air divisions and ai
r defense brigades.

FA need to return from military districts under the banner of Air Force Commander. The point here is that nedavneshnee rassredotachivanie enough moderates tactical aircraft to the military districts brought us back to the far 1941. The Germans then all four years of war gave way to us by the total number of aircraft on the Eastern front, but at the expense of maneuvering their squadrons (in our opinion — divisions) skillfully changed the balance of forces on aircraft in its favor, where it was necessary.

And our aircraft (excluding aviation distant acts — ADD) on organizational structure of those years was moderately dispersed from Murmansk to Odessa and the imperative is sandwiched inside the combined armies and fronts. Yes there aviation!

Remember the famous saying Zhukov near Moscow, "Front I command!", And no studs. Even with all adored KKRokossovsky Stalingrad freshest Shock Army from the Don front passed AI Eremenko to reflect the impact of tankers unlocking Gotha only after the personal intervention of Stalin.

Other military leaders "own" other aircraft commanders also did not appreciate. For example, the Air Division to the "Cobra", which led to the famous war ace AI Pokryshkin, Kursk did not fight nor Vatutin nor Rokossovsky. And try to get her to the Southern Front in very noble after the Battle of Stalingrad Malinovsky — the enemy will stay for life. This event is one of the reasons that Stalin's Eagles (from the beginning of the war until the end of 1944) fought in the skies against the Luftwaffe in the minority professionals. Look through the "Red Star" of those years: that 6 vs. 18, then eight to 30. A lieutenant Horowitz strayed from its own and remained in the sky alone, but flunked (according to legend) Nine "laptezhnikov" S-87. Hero!

In these days of FA contained in the Army, and in connection with such a situation there are questions. How can the Air Force Commander to organize military training of flight personnel unaffiliated him? How he will concentrate his main forces insubordination Air Force tactical aircraft on the main line?

But if the FA will give the command of aviators, then teach it to wage war will be the master in a flight case. Because it is necessary. And the commander in chief of the Air Force for air support to the Army by the destruction by fire will be able to maneuver the aircraft from the Pacific front of the Don to the Pacific Ocean.

Combat training and education

Need to return the centers of military deployment and training of flight personnel under the authority of the appropriate command. Distant aircraft return Ryazan, military transport aircraft — Ivanovo, heroic helicopter pilots — Torzhok and tactical aircraft to leave her native Lipetsk. The old structure of the centers of command worked for decades with no complaints, but for the near future was broken reformers. For what? For what purpose? It is not clear.

Required to return the system of training and returned in each of the Armed Forces of his "native" academy. How requiem below sound line about two (former?) Air Force Academy: Engineering in Moscow and in the Moscow team Monin.

In the classrooms of Air Force Engineering of the Red Banner Order of Lenin and the October Revolution Academy named after NE Zhukovsky (was based in 1920) graduated 10 of thousands of engineers, Air Force, distinguished military leaders and creators of the aircraft, the students of foreign countries and cosmonauts. Among them, the future Air Force Commander P. Zhigarev and AK Vershinin, general designers Yakovlev and SV Ilyushin, astronauts Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova. On the basis of the operational department of the Academy of Zhukovsky other day war was created in Monino Air Force Academy team.

In the Air Force of the Red Banner Order of Kutuzov Air Force Academy named after Yuri Gagarin (formed in 1940) after the war, received higher military education 740 Russian Union of Heroes. 30, nine of them have been awarded this title twice, and Major Kozhedub studied, being three times Hero. The inhabitants of Moscow affectionately called those students "Golden Horde", and when the characters were systems in parades on Red Square, the thunder of applause from the crowd drowned out the marching band synthesis. In addition, Monino land is sacred to all personnel and veterans of the Air Force. In 1941, Monino house officers of the pilots of civilian air fleet of combat aircraft regiments were formed in August with the Monino airfield crews of long-range bombers headed by MV Vodop'yanov bombed Berlin, and in May 1942, the crew of EK Pusep on the four- Pe-8 drove Commissar Molotov in America.

Here at the memorial military cemetery are buried the remains of the management team of the 1st Guards Division ADD, lies next to the remains of the murdered in the years of repression Y. Smushkevich and II Proskurova.

In Monin deep underground is protected by the Air Force command center, and at the former airfield and hangars created a unique museum of military aviation. On aircraft relics the beautiful view from the windows of the boarding school with an initial Air Force flight training and his boys to behold the flights themselves in dreams and reality. They are always open for swimming pool and stadium, which played Vsevolod Bobrov, and at the moment of friction command "VVA-Moscow", repeated the favorite and the owner of the National Cup rugby. Air Force Lt. Beavers in 1946 in English stadium "Wembley" scored against "Chelsea" (led by Sir Matthews) three balls of 5 and snatched the victory for the British team "Dynamo". At the same goals we scored Seva not for the currency, and payment to the public basis. He did not go to the "Bentley", and in our national hero, no scum would not have dared to throw a firecracker from the podium. Such a scoundrel fans would have torn into place. Those were the people! Well, the coaches were not at their Italian and Dutch, and yes Kachalin Beskova. As for other sports, then for some reason our oligarchs open sports schools in the United States. Weird these Russian — means we have mined in Russia, and real estate purchase and build stadiums abroad. What is this investment?

And how do you have to be dull bureaucrat and heartless person, so in a fit of reformist itch one stroke eliminate what was produced by the labor of many generations!

At the Monino funds could throw the academy and placed 10's new military units, but glorious military traditions were reformers of the drum and the academy was abolished. Abolished, but the pure spirit of the Air Forces in Monino sky stayed and it is not fixed. So let in the beautiful center of Voronezh prepare soldiers in many professions, but the academy is not too late to return to the previous point of dislocation and revive her work as intended. By the way, it makes sense to foresee a separate line financing flight training children from boarding schools in the Air Force flying club DOSAAF of, for another in the near future we will have to buy abroad pilots, and not just the players and coaches.


It is necessary to disperse the density-based aviation regiment of the airfield. The purpose of this proposal usual — to exclude the simultaneous defeat of the runways (runways) and a huge number of aircraft that are concentrated on a single air base two or three enemy ammunition. For example, the reformers decided to make a rough military helicopter school. Do not re-create it on the same basis of the abolished schools Syzran and Ufa, and build a new concrete Engels.

But Engels in 1955 stationed at strategic division YES aircraft. In the garrison at the airport and virtually no room to fall, without stagnating housing hundreds of homeless families, so there is added another powerful organization, while flying from dawn to dusk. Such a landfill, which is p
ractically planned in Saratov sky are also on the ground, I'm in their long service in the aviation never encountered. So by choosing a location for a new school to come back again and maybe tie it to one of the newly built but unoccupied residential neighborhoods.

Let's now go back to the definition of what an air base. This idea reformers brought to us from America, without understanding its meaning. We have already had their air bases, but they are not commanded a regiment, and engaged in the content of the airfield network and all kinds of logistic support aircraft. To this and to safely return, charging the former air base puzzles, and combat aircraft to return to its spent decades structure: Squadron — Regiment — Division — command.

The Arctic region

It is necessary to return to the Arctic before it was privatized. The one who possesses this region belong to the wealth of the North, and with no air to live and work in the Arctic Circle will be difficult. To ensure flexibility Air Force and Navy, the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Emergency Situations need along the northern coast of the country have the military commandant's office. For example, on the ground deer, Tiksi and Anadyr (and border guards to be and on the islands in the ocean). We support these forces and air force, the navy and the army gallakticheskoy defense.

All kinds of logistics in the Arctic, it makes sense to organize under the contracts (the so-called outsourcing) with other relevant ministries and agencies. And in the General Staff would not hurt to have a structure that deals directly Arctic.

Military ranks

Instead of humiliating return buckles military insignia, which were reintroduced to the Red Army in February 1943 after the defeat of the enemy hordes of Stalingrad (this anniversary we are worthy of mention in 2013). For the army, they were as harsh a tool like coats and boots, and the Germans on the Eastern Front were frozen in forage caps and uniforms for the second Russian winter. They who have received from our people blitzkrieg in Russian!

By the way, about the uniform. We in the Armed Forces (and other forces) are the generals of the army. Are these heroes (and veterans, and staffing) in a similar military rank, but are of different straps. Some of them — with a big star (as was the Russian army), and others — as many as four star, but smaller and in a single row (as in NATO). So let's define with whom we take an example? Military ranks right time to assign a destination for the position. We then commander will not be subordinate to it in an equal rank, but if they have entrusted the regiment under the command of either army, and the corresponding title to be assigned along with the mission.

Sinecure or justice

It is necessary to determine the Inspector General and military advisers, consisting in different structures. Veterans and military personnel it is unclear to what "extreme" positions, by whom and on what basis is chosen contingent to the group of inspectors general? For the fact that they supported the former management of the Ministry of Defence? Or for other reasons?

At this point in the group of inspectors general is just one of the surviving defense ministers — Dmitry Yazov, but no I. Rodionov and E. Shaposhnikov. Was not there and the late PS Grachev. In the group are not many commanders in chief of the Armed Forces, as commanders of military districts. The apparent lack of fairness makes unnecessary psychological stress in groups of veteran commanders, and this must be corrected.

During the campaign for the presidential elections to many officers, who was a retired military commissars were offered through paid employment counselors-in-command of the Armed Forces and military districts. The elections were successful, but the proposed employment of military commissars did not take place. Naturally, the people, the question is what it was — just a PR or someone's neobmyslenny Impromptu in working with people?

General principles

If there are ideas and plans for a new military structures (like the command ASD), they must be embedded in the existing military command, keeping the basic principle of the introduction of the Armed Forces of Geophysical areas: terra firma — the ground forces, the ocean — navy, sky and space — the Air Force.

For orders of the latest technology and weapons to take into account the prof world governing all branches of the Armed Forces. Then we will not buy abroad rifles, tanks and "Mistral", and as before to export our weapons and military equipment.

Wanted to do a better job with the electric and print media. Army — this is not a closed joint stock company. From time immemorial it's time to read the truth to people and frankly tell our society about how we are going to defend the peaceful labor of their own people in a new morale of the Armed Forces. In this important work we all serve a worthy example of well-organized press service of other ministries and departments. Advocacy and promotion again!

Certain solutions

In 2012, in accordance with the decree of the president of our country at the municipal level marked the first century of the Russian Air Force. During this century, they have been a bumpy battle your way through the years and wars, destruction and rebirth, and the abolition of the re-creation. According to the views of the noble military professionals, contrary to the statements made by the media, our air force did not know of stagnation. Specifically aviators were the first heroes of Russian Union and Russian Federation, first tested nuclear weapons and fled to the jet thrust. They battled the sound barrier and the first military pilot sent into space. As the poet said: "And the name is not in vain in the color of the civilization of the people who was there and who will be in the air."

100 years ago, our Air Force was organized as Pravitelskogo military air fleet. After the October Revolution of the workers 'and peasants' Reddish fleet (RKKVF). In 1924, the People's Commissar Mikhail Frunze was renamed RKKVF in the Air Force, and after the victory in the second World War, Russian aircraft was converted from a severe type of troops of the Armed Forces with the aircraft — carriers of nuclear weapons.

Currently the Air Force are on the rise and strengthening of combat power, they seem to be experiencing a second birth.

Coupled with the fact this progress in recent years markedly restrained by reformers. In view of the above would have considered it appropriate to invite for an interview to the Minister of Defence and the Chief of the General Staff of the Air Force Commander in Chief is now alive. Certify that the proposed activities do not require staffing levels of growth and additional funding, but they are focused on recovery management system, strengthening morale and increase combat abilities Air Force, saving them as the Armed Forces.

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