The fire covered thousands of hectares of bush in Australia

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February 23, 2013. According to the website, cputnik NASA "Terra" on February 18 of this year on its sensing data recorded extensive fires in the bush (typical of some parts of Africa and Australia, large areas covered with bushes or stunted trees — approx. Ed) To the south-west of the Australian state of Victoria.

Spectrometer "Modis" on board the satellite identified in the photo red stroke on those sites Bush, are experiencing an unusually high surface temperatures associated with fires. In the picture is also visible in a long "tail" of smoke, blown by the winds of the south, in the direction of Bass Strait, which separates the island of Tasmania and Australia.

About 300 firefighters, using dozens of specialized vehicles and 14 aircraft were fighting with a fixed "Terra" the disaster, preventing spread of fire in a nearby national park "Grampians." Part of the park is still closed to visitors.

According to local authorities, the fires were caused by lightning strikes, two of which led to the large-scale fire Bush, shown in the picture from space. The area of the affected areas was at least 6,000 hectares.

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Source: News Gismeteo

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