The greenhouse effect threatens agriculture Northern Hemisphere

March 18, 2013. As shown by a study funded by NASA, in northern areas World (45 degrees north latitude and above the Arctic) for the last 30 years the climatic conditions were made even with the climate regions located at 4-6 degrees south (at 400-700 km to the south).

This is caused by increasing concentrations of heat-trapping gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane, forcing the warm surface of the Earth, Ocean, and the lower layers of the atmosphere. Thaw reduces the area covered polar sea ice, and the amount of snow, which in turn causes the surface of the earth to absorb more solar energy, and further heating the air.

However, this thaw not on hand to local agriculture. While the area of land suitable for agriculture is increasing, and the total area covered with vegetation, currently covers a third of the land in northern latitudes, this leads to significant disruptions in ecosystems.

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As researchers found, if the rate of warming will not decrease, by the end of this century, changes in the northern areas The earth are equivalent to the shift climates 20 degrees latitude. Since the temperature rise in northern areas not accompanied by an increase in the volume of incoming sunlight, as well as an increase in the number of ground water, the process of the growing season here is just to slow down. It will also contribute to such negative effects of greenhouse effect as frequent forest fires, pest outbreaks and drought in the summer.

Source: News Gismeteo

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