The incinerator in Kiev radioactive contamination


05.10.11. "On October 3 incinerator" Energy "equipment worked" Cordon ", which checks the garbage on the contamination," — said in a statement "Kyivenergo", which includes plant.

The radiation level was 53.8 micro-roentgen per hour instead of the maximum allowable 30 micro-roentgen per hour.

Garbage truck with a radiation waste was transported to a special parking lot, and on October 4 commission of experts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and sanitation services has identified a direct source of radiation, the radiation background is 200 times higher than normal, and was 6 thousand micro-roentgen per hour.

Garbage was disposed of properly at "Radon".

Equipment for radiation monitoring garbage "Cordon" at the "Energy" was established in the summer of 2009 due to the investment program "Kyivenergo".

"Equipment" Cordon "of the box five times exhibited a radiation waste" — the report underlines.

Radiometer neutron and gamma PKC-02 "Cordon" located at the entrance to the plant and is designed to detect radioactive materials natural and artificial origin with continuous remote monitoring of road and rail transport as well as pedestrians, passengers and baggage.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Kyiv incinerator "Energy" was commissioned in December 1987.

The plant is equipped with four incinerators boilers of up to 15 tons per hour of waste incineration.

Maximum design capacity of the plant — 355 tons per year of waste incineration. The plant thermal disposal of solid waste.

Source: Portal "Business"

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