The loss of cattle in p.Borovskom


30.04.12.Po true, but at this point has not been formally verified information, in the village for several days Bohr continued deaths of cattle.

According to a variety of information loss from mortality compelling cost of 25 to 40 animals.

Sdohshih beef animal or animals killed in predsmertelnom state enters the market Severodonetsk and near-lying towns. Part of beef sent to meat processing Luhansk region. Meat that has not passed a veterinary Exposure controls, sold in natural markets.

The cause of death of the animals were midges (Simuliidae), multiplied at an incredible amount. Diseases and their bites are poisonous. With mass attack of midges, large animals are killed by the bites caused by pulmonary edema and suffocation.

Request to the Veterinary Services and sanitary station Severodonetsk confirm or deny this information.

Source: Severodonetsk passion

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