The Ministry of Finance has developed a law banning pay wages in cash


The building of the Ministry of Finance. Photo "Heathcliff"

16.05.12.Rabochaya group on the development of cashless payments at the Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill on compulsory transition to payments with bank cards.

This was in a room on May 16, the newspaper "Vedomosti", which managed to look at the documents.

In particular, the Bill contains amendments to the Labor Code, prohibiting the payment of wages in cash. Exceptions are a small business, the number of employees does not exceed 35 (for retail outlets — 20), and the companies located in remote areas.

In addition, the bills require trading companies to provide all of their equipment to the point of acceptance of bank cards. An exception will be made only for the shops, whose revenue is less than two million per month. Prompted changes in 2013, but for shops a transitional period. So, stores with a turnover of less than 50 million rubles a month will be required to install the terminals only to 2014.

Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Savatyugin told the newspaper that the measures will need to be discussed, when the country will become less card fraud and will have no difficulties with making payments. Director of the Department of Economic Development Ivan Oskolkov noted the need to improve financial literacy and invent incentives that will encourage people to move to non-cash, and not impose restrictions.

The fact that the Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill restricting the circulation of cash in the country, the head of department, Anton Siluanov said in early March. He noted that the agency will offer to make non-cash payments required in the implementation of large purchases, including real estate and cars, as well as the issuance of salary. In his words, "a number of" uses similar restrictions.

In early April Siluanov said that the Finance Ministry will prepare a bill obliging the government organizations to use credit cards for payment. He noted that due to the popularity of cash financial transactions in Russia are not transparent. According to the Minister of Finance, the introduction of non-cash payments will reduce the shadow economy, which is currently in Russia is about 30-40 per cent.

In mid-2011, President of Sberbank German Gref has written to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's letter called for measures to reduce cash payments. According to estimates Gref, the growing popularity of non-cash payments have a positive impact on the growth of the Russian GDP. He claimed that in 2009, because of the service of cash the country has lost about 1.1 percent of GDP (400 billion rubles).

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Sleduyushim step will be to ban circulation of cash, and when the ban cash, we finally lost freedom.

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