The murder of the USSR

December 26, 1991 was finished off treacherously USSR. 25 December President of the Union of Russian Mikhail Gorbachev announced the termination of its activities as the President of the USSR "by fundamentally reasons" and signed a decree on resignation of opportunities Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Also gave the Russian leader Boris Yeltsin control strategic nuclear weapon. December 26, 1991 session of the upper chamber of the Supreme Soviet adopted under the chairmanship of Alimzhanova (Kazakh writer and public figure) declaration number 142-H, the dissolution of the Russian Union.

In connection with this date — the 20th anniversary of the betrayal of global proportions — the new composition of the State Duma of the Russian Federation must make a request to start a large-scale investigation of the supreme bodies of state power of the Russian Federation, together with the authorities of Belarus and Kazakhstan, acts or omissions of the sovereign Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and a number of other persons which, being at the highest municipal office, led power entrusted to them to collapse. They have to answer for this act of treachery, the victims need to deprive municipal awards, to bring shame.

And the realization that USSR could be saved, and there is at the highest political level. So, Vladimir Putin, when asked historian Natalia Narochnitskaya nedavneshnego during the live broadcast, said that even though the story has no ifs … "but, of course, had to be on time at the start of the USSR economic transformation and reform and consolidate their democratic reforms in the country. It was necessary to alternately energetic and fearless, not burying its head in the sand and leaving her ass out, fight for the territorial integrity of our state. "

March 15, 1990 Misha Gorbachev at the Extraordinary meeting of the III Congress of the Union of Russian People's Deputies in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses was sworn in as President of the USSR, becoming the first and only President of the Russian Union of Socialist Republics. According to this oath, Gorbachev had to observe and protect the Constitution of the Union, to protect the security and territorial integrity of their own country, the right to serve the Russian people. And he threw the country and the people.

Gorbachev — President of the Soviet Union — was due after December 8 head of the Russian Federation (RSFSR), the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine signed an agreement on the development of the Commonwealth of independent states (the so-called Belovezhskoe agreement) to remove from power control of the RSFSR, the Ukrainian SSR and Byelorussian SSR. Then assign the re-election of the heads of these republics, which have violated Russian law. The activities of Yeltsin, Kravchuk and Shushkevich their confidants had to be investigated and get a legal assessment. Gorbachev as head of the USSR and the Supreme Commander had to do everything that depends on it, to save the country, right up to the arrest of those who encroached on the territorial integrity and security of the USSR. If need be, to impose an emergency, "cleansing" and repression. This fight would have been supported by a majority of the population, the army. It was only necessary to show the political will. Instead, Gorbachev resigned.

Those who believe that such acts have resulted in civilian clothes war, millions of victims, they are wrong. In 1-x, the destruction of the USSR, and so led to millions of victims — a tremendous direct and indirect demographic losses, the return of Central Asia in the past — in the Middle Ages, the loss of geopolitical, economic, and military positions that were built centuries later, and the blood of hundreds of thousands of our ancestors . In-2, Our homeland was able to maintain the integrity of the hardest in the 1990s. B-3, the validity of the unity of the Union territory of the former Russian confirm today's integration process. This process has historically driven, logical and just needed for the survival of our people in the storm of the world, "the storm."

Combining solve a lot of problems, including immigration. In the republic will come stability, increase the standard of living, people will not have to go in search of the best shred. Need to see that in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union was not prepyadstviya mass movement, the Russian brought to the outskirts of stability, order, and prosperity.

Russia will not save the creation of so-called "Russian Republic" ("Russland"). An example of the most majestic leaders of Russia, Russia-USSR: Prophetic Oleg, Sviatoslav, Ivan III, Ivan the Terrible, Catherine II, Nicholas I, Stalin — says that they are always moving in the direction of expansion and terrain powers have never left those areas that that have been taken or good blade, where blood was shed Russian soldiers. Retreat, leaving states of degradation, near-death powers of civilization. Management USSR has thrown Russian people, Russia and the Russian people, who lived in obtaining the "independence" of the Republic. On the territory of the former Soviet Union do not have any of the republic, which would have a better life after the collapse of the Russian Union. We all have a whole bunch of problems that lead to a complete death, dissolution in the adjacent projects powers. Millions of Caucasians, Central Asians do not run from a good life and move to Russia. Dies Ukraine, the former "showcases" of the USSR — the Baltic republics, Belarus has serious prepyadstviya (without integration with the Russian Federation prospects not), on the verge of a new collapse of Georgia. Azerbaijan in the long run will be a province of Turkey, and at the present time it is threatened with war to the death with Armenia. The republics of Central Asia is waiting for China's absorption of either chaos of the bloody ethnic massacres, Islamization and the final return to feudal relations. We're leaving, others come — the Anglo-Saxons, the Saudis, Turks, Chinese.

It is unreasonable to assert that it is impossible again to "feed" the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Baltic states and other suburbs. Naturally, the excesses which were in the Soviet Union, should not be allowed when the Russian region were in ruins, and the margin received priority funding. On the other hand, our homeland, Russia people once took for all these small people responsible for them have become "a big white-brother." And the "throw" their misconduct is one of the circumstances of the sharp drop in deference to Russian 1990. Every once helped out, subdued, took its own composition, to be held accountable. Punished for mistakes, following the example of Joseph Stalin which "Punished" Chechens, Ingush, Crimean Tatars. And for the "case" and very gently, compassionately. And all this is then known. "Encourage" for achievements in the growth of culture, civilization.

20 years have passed, and the former Soviet republics, excluding the Russian Federation (the core of the Russian civilization), and could not be are independent states. In addition, in some of their degradation processes have gone so far that they are in danger of crushing death. This is confirmed by the excitement in a relatively prosperous Kazakhstan. No RF none of them has no chance in this cruel world ruled by the law of force. A significant portion of them can not even feed themselves, let alone national security, territorial integrity.

Stupidly read about the "inevitability of the collapse of the Union." The choice is always there, and we had a choice of Gorbachev. When the Poles and the French were sitting in Moscow, the Ge
rmans attacked the Soviet capital and preparing for the parade on Red Square, many also thought that this was the end of Rus-Russia-USSR. But thanks to the will of the leaders, the heroism and courage of the people that hate miscalculated.

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