The mysterious incident near the Zone-51




On Saturday morning, February 21, 2004, one of the mechanics of Las Vegas when the phone rang. The driver told me that his system of remote door locking in the car last model has failed. An attempt to open the car, too old-fashioned key failed. Puzzled, he asked the chauffeur to drive up and see what happened.

A couple of minutes later there was another call. The driver was different, but the problem is — is the same.

By the end of the day, by the very rough estimate, auto mechanics, police, fire engines and traders received more than two hundred calls from puzzled drivers. Some believe that this figure is understated by at least five times.

"Maybe it was the work of little green men" — joked Mike Estrada, a representative located 160 km from Las Vegas Nellis Air Force Base, and recalled that among the territory of the polygon is the famous "Zone-51", which, according to fanatics UFO has long been firmly settled aliens.

More sober experts believe that the military tested some weapons designed to block the enemy of electrical systems, and a little miscalculated with its long range effectiveness.

«Las Vegas Review-Journal», 22 February 2004

Russian UFO Digest 04 / April 2004

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