The mystery figures in the Gobi Desert

The combined efforts of internet users give the desired result in the identification of some of the objects found recently in the middle of the Chinese satellite Gobi Desert. Although, in principle, the subject of so-called "desert objects" is still relevant — in fact there have found the mysterious new construction.

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Just a few hours after the onset of the news in the media world of strange objects in the Gobi Desert, the Internet exploded with different hypotheses about the possible appointment of these unusual structures. Opinions expressed at times utterly fantastic. Some people have suggested that these unidentified objects could be part of a top-secret military test site, and others — that they could be off-planet origin. As it turned out, the 1st version was closer to the truth.

Some pictures have been able to identify. As it turned out, some of the objects are part of the Chinese test site "Lol-Nur." And the government of China itself has never concealed the existence of this site. As the number of objects that were previously unidentified, got a huge building, painted in blue color. It is the body's largest plant in the world, producing potash. The company is also located near a closed military zone Lol-Nur, which is not considered confidential.

Recent years in this part of the desert recent years, China conducts nuclear tests. Objects filamentous forms that Internet users have compared in appearance to the "kleysternym" soup were in extreme close network of wind electric systems. And no wonder! After all, China is ranked 1st in the world in wind power development.

However, the other mysterious objects Gobi still considered unidentified. Also the number of strange buildings were three square buildings of bright blue. It is still not clear what it is.

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