The mystery of the Estonian village tried to unravel the exploration of the three countries




The story began in 1991 on the Estonian island of Saaremaa. Among the several "contactees", the testimony that I was studying, was a ten-Christian K. of a small Estonian town of Rakvere. He claimed that the night talking to aliens.

Not to forget the colorful nightlife pictures, the boy in the morning sketched them from memory unusual remote control aircraft, rather complicated schemes entry into the atmosphere of the various planets, the appearance of the ships and bio-robots, helped manage …

Was one of these figures it is "ground" type: farmhouse, some buildings nearby. Under the house — a kind of "tarelkovidnaya" design. "What is it, Christian?" — "This is a spacecraft. He underground somewhere in Estonia. Inside the" plates ", that such devices …" And he showed me another picture: concentric circles, some cell … It's good that I still have the video. Well, because this story had an unexpected continuation …

"Target M"

In May 1992, we were shooting a documentary about the study of UFOs in Estonia. We have been idle most of the day, and my old friend, the famous ufologist in Estonia, let's call it, Mr. H., offered to go "to an interesting place." And while we played on the streets of Tallinn, and then raced down the suburban road, H. telling strange, like a detective story … It began in the mid-60s. A resident of the small village of Moscow, not far from Tallinn, mechanic Virgo Mitt decided to dig in his yard well. Everything was going well. But suddenly came across a spade a metal object. Attempts to excavate the find or circumvent it not brought success: it was a stove that did not end … Virgo then got hold of a jackhammer. For hours he smashed an unexpected obstacle, punching a hole in it: nothing, perhaps, dug …

The top is very hard layer was not thick. Went deeper than the other texture — more structured ("like icicles or carnation") … Perseverance and a little effort: a few days in the plate, the thickness of which, according to the Virgo was 1-1.5 inches, a gaping hole is quite suitable for the size of the well. Fragments had accumulated nearly a bucket … The water was coming fast, and Virgo decided on this epic with a well completed. Splinters flew back into the well. But not all … A couple of pieces are larger — by ten centimeters in diameter — Virgo Mitt left on the memory. One eventually somewhere zapropal, but the other … It was waiting for an unusual fate.

The fact that the Virgo Mitt once told about an unusual finding his friend — a chemist by profession. So this piece of metal was in Tallinn Polytechnic Institute, and in 1969 he found himself on the table researcher and in the future — deputy director for science at the Institute of Geology of the ESSR Herbert A. Viydinga. And perhaps the story would have ended if a couple of years to the fragment accidentally touched one of the engineers. The blow was like a powerful electrical discharge engineer lost consciousness. Herbert Viyding was shocked how many times he took the metal in his hands — nothing like that. Of course, by the fact of such a mysterious young scholar could not pass. And he began his own investigation.

Who just did not "pass" it through this fragment: Institute employees, their friends and relatives, psychics … About three hundred questionnaires remained after these experiments. People react in different ways: one is zapped, others felt fine vibration. One piece of felt like a cold, others were on hand burns. Someone improves heart, someone — on the contrary … By grouping the results Viyding identified eight different types of impact. It was enough to think about … From 1970 to 1982 sample "object M" (as it was designated in the official reports) passed tests for many research institutes and laboratories in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev … But the information about the results achieved scientist could not.

Thirty-eight items

And now no one really knows who he was, where he worked, which position he held "the most secret man of Estonia" Ann Parve. We only know that during the war he worked in the industry deep in the rear, and in the postwar period has been associated with the development of new technologies for space exploration. Thus "enjoyed great prestige in Moscow." That's about all. With the exception of one of his strange "hobby": for decades he was looking for traces of certain Captain Abel. In mid-1938 he allegedly invented a new kind of light weapons manufactured prototype and offered his invention to the then Ministry of Defence of Estonia. In 1943, he strongly interested in the German Abwehr and Gestapo. And after the war — the "top-secret" Ann Kalevich Parve. Here's something to this E. Parve and addressed in 1983 for a dead-end in their research G. Viyding.

Before turning on metal analysis, fragment using diamond saws to cut several thin plates. (Why drink, not saw? Because superhard blotches brought two blade failure.) Plates were transferred to independent expertise in leading Moscow Institute: Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Research Institute of Rare Metals (Giredmet), All-Union Institute of Mineral Resources (VIMS), the Institute of Aviation Materials (Aviation Materials), and others. Were used the most modern scanning electron microscopes, high-sensitivity spectrometer setup, the laser analysis, advanced chemical methods, and more.

Results surprised scientists. In the very small volume of the sample was found to 38 of the periodic table of elements, many of which do not occur naturally together. The sample was non-radioactive, but strongly magnetic. At the conclusion of IM F. Obraztsova and Professor AI El'kina (IISS), it was a composite, reinforced with calcium-iron-silicon fiber material, which is a matrix of metallic glass. "The use of this type of alloys as a structural material in aviation technology is unknown. Alloy of this type should have a high heat resistance, have a high resistance to boiling mixture of acids of any concentration" (Academician ST Kishkin Aviation Materials). According to some experts, this kind of material, most likely, was obtained by powder metallurgy at extremely high pressures, which at the present level of development of science and technology in the world can not be obtained.

In Giredmet methods of metallography and scanning electron microscopy images were obtained of the sample surface. Were found a variety of inclusions crusaders and drop-like, "a flower-black areas", "rectangular area", "chain of small cross-shaped holes" and so on. Microhardness inclusions ranged from 250 to 1280 pounds per square. mm.

"The data on the chemical composition and structure of the composite material and its characteristics lead to the following conclusions:

a) there is no assumption of meteoric origin of the studied material;
b) … eliminates the possibility of manufacturing such materials using
Earth's technology;
c) … most likely that the material was investigated UFO "(academician NN

By order of the Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences Academician AA Yanshina in 1984, attempts were made to clarify the location of the facility and for more samples. Water pumped from the well walls and explored the magnetometer. At a depth of 6.5 meters, "was marked by a signal indicating the presence of a strong magnetic material." Extract the samples because of the strong inflow of cold water and began this year failed. And next summer, in 1985 at a depth of 6.5 meters "was discovered a horizontal layer of pyrite." On this basis, it was concluded that the magnetic anomaly creates this layer and "impractical to carry out further work." In this work was stopped. Officially …

Cat's snout

The road along the sea did not take long, and soon our car stopped at the T-junction at no perceptible Estonian village. Came out. "So where is this place?" — I asked, looking around impatiently. "And now the most important thing — smiled H., — for reasons of clarity, I would like you to find it yourself. Prefer to have an independent evaluation: it was too thin this thing — ufology." Well, dowsing — it familiar. I took a bearing, went on the road two hundred meters — took one more … "Somewhere behind that house." — "To be more precise?" Another half-hour "Dancing with the framework" of the garden, the kitchen garden — and I'm in the "epicenter". Unremarkable back yard of the rural home. But beyond show a strong anomaly in the form of two concentric circles: the inner (more powerful) with a diameter of about 4 meters. External, a radius of about 8-9 meters, in part goes under the house and over the fence to the neighbors. "All right. With up to half a meter" — rubbed his hands together in satisfaction H. "But where is the well?" "So in fact peppered him," — said H. And then something strange happened. From all sides — from the porch, because of the folded stack of boards of the fence — from everywhere to the "epicenter" began streaming … cats. Dozens of cats! "Yes, they come to us from all around to come and watch a patch on it lying around, it's you they initially scared away" — laughed the hostess Viivika Mitt.

Five minutes later, our camera was literally taken captive cat herd. Females lay, sat, walked, we move through each other, climbed into the lens … Finally it dawned on me: the place is something rotten! For cats pathogenic energy that valerian … But it was too late in the evening we were lying by the operator with a temperature of 38. A few I'll tell that hurt and our very cautious as regards anomalies director (although he is "epicenter" did not come). With a little touch of panic it the next day, long considered a comb. His hair fell hard for three days …

Next — worse. One of us has fallen sharply vision (and never recovered). Another return to Moscow (two days after the visit to the backyard) thundered for a month in the hospital (inflamed frontal and maxillary sinuses were loosened two teeth …). "Looks like you got under some exposure. Where?" — Inquired the doctor. A year is not held constant state of weakness … When I told the academician NN Sochevanovu about our bad experience, he scolded for negligence sympathized and remembered that advised Virgo Mitt rearrange the bed in the bedroom. Then refused Virgo, "No, I have used here." By then it was already a sick man — in 1980, almost entirely given up his feet. Today it is hard to say how his illness was related>

with the "object", but the fact remains that he spent 7 years old and still in 1987, has died, far from being an old man.

Where did this AD?

So, to continue the work considered unwise … But suddenly appears someone D. (last name unknown). With a strange ease he enters into a contract with the Institute of Geology, Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR "Experimental verification of transport potential impact of the information on the D-field". The fact that such a D-field, no one had no idea. However, as the appointment of the equipment, which brought 34 E. All devices were encrypted letters and numbers. We only know that some of them were 8 generators of the mysterious D-fields and some recording equipment. Where did the DA? Estonian ufologists claim that it is a former special military research institute, at the time one of the head at the Defense Ministry on the subject of UFOs. Available D. had 14 people, some of them were military. On the "object" is not just come and Head of the Institute of the aforementioned Lieutenant-General (surname also known).

Recalls the hostess Viivika Heynrihovna Mitt, researchers had a separate room, where they put the hardware and organized a four-hour duty for two people. By agreement mistress did not come into the room, wearing only tea. I was going to investigate the DA? According to the minutes of the April 7, 1986 the task of his experiment are as follows:

1. Identifying opportunities for managed remote sensing characteristics of the objects of inanimate nature on the field D (direction of rotation of the vector field, the intensity of the field, the time-effect D-radiation).

2. Identifying opportunities for managed remote changes of bioelectric characteristics of the person (conductivity "hand — the hand" on how to Voll and Nakatani, the conductivity of the internal organs of the body at two points by the method of Nakatani). "Simply put, it was planned to test how to work the complex" field generators D-plus abnormal underground facilities "and how people will react to it.

Apparently, a group of AD has been prepared with care. At the conclusion of the contract, it was not about one, but two "anomalous metallic objects in the ground (AO1 and AO2)." "AO1 — a metal object in the shape of an ellipsoid of revolution, the dimensions of 17 x 12 x 3.5 m depth of the soil mix — from 3.5 meters to 12 meters, the ground moraine. AO1 Baseline characteristics of the D-field: a strong negative D- field uneven for the project (from 4 to 34 rpm box in his hand a prepared statement.) AO2 — a metal object in the shape of an ellipsoid of revolution, size 9 x 4 x 3.5 m depth of the soil — 4.5 m (the object is presumably horizontal). Baseline characteristics of the D-AO2 field: a strong negative D-box, significantly uneven on the project (6 to 12 turns the frame). " Where such information?

The fact that the DA — not an individual, said the scale of operations. According to the accounts of the Estonian ufologists, the excavation for any reason (security?) Began outside the anomalous zone. In the garden on the east side of the house was dug excavator (!) Pit depth of 6 meters and measuring 12 x 10 meters. The well, which by then had been abandoned, was once again the gap, and a garage at a depth of 6 meters passed the horizontal development. What results, no one really knows. No metal objects allegedly found. But from the pit removed several dozen kilograms of pyrite nodules. It is known that AD used this to make biogenerator pyrite.

The work continued for four months. As long as one of the participants received a blow in the stomach strange "green triangle", which has moved from the wall of the well, lost consciousness. He was dragged to the top. On the body was found "burned four diamond symbols." Hastily turning the work, the group left. Then the DA proposed to build on the "object" of a special research center with four underground levels. Here he offered to transport for further investigations of UFOs, found in 1987 near Vyborg and stored in a hangar of a military unit near Monchegorsk (North Karelia).

While these proposals were studied, a special Institute of the Ministry of Defense, which we have already spoken, signed a contract to drill three wells around the "object" and placing them in special equipment. In the summer of 1988 G. Viyding again come to the facility to specify the location of future drilling. But the drilling of boreholes and has not begun. And in September 1988, the deputy director of the Institute of Geology of the Estonian G. Viyding dies unexpectedly (official — from a heart attack). Almost immediately after his death from his office safe mysteriously disappears with all the documents related to the "object of M". Survived only a few questionnaires, which were in a different place … In a year die and Anne Parve. Shortly before his death, he lamented that in Parnu, where he lectured from his "diplomatic" mysteriously disappeared a piece of metal from the "object M"-bottom of a plastic tube, where he was lying, it is not clear from what was destroyed. "Diplomat" was left unscathed.


What is the "object of M"? "Father of Russian dowsing" NN Sochevanov showed me drawings and diagrams that it was based on the results of their research biolocation directly on the ground. As he used the resonator plate of the most mysterious metal. "As a result dowsing shooting set oval contour of the object with a diameter of about 15 meters. Depth its upper boundary — from 3 to 7 meters east dip angle of 35-40 degrees. Vertical output object in the middle part reaches 2.5 — 4 meters decrease at the edges. Approximately one-third of the object is under the apartment building. Judging by the specific gravity of the sample, the weight is only a shell of the object is about 200 tons. "

Well, tell meticulous connoisseur opportunities dowsing, and classical instruments, then show something? Imagine, yes! Magnetometer survey conducted in 1969 showed "the presence of a metal layer with an angle of 20-30 degrees to the bedding of the east." Geophysics using a magnetometer M-2 noted in this place for at least a magnetic field of about 3000 nanatesla. Experts VNIIYAG with the vertical electrical sounding found that at a depth of 4-6 meters is conducting body.

There is another indirect indicator. The house on the object periodicheskiproiskhodyat strange things. Itself moves pottery, hear strange footsteps and knocks. Some time in the basement of the strange glow was observed not on, the bulb. Experts believe that the reason "anomalschiny" may be "underground plate": it could disrupt the space-time structure of the place and how to narrow the "distance" between our material world and the worlds of subtle astral bodies and therefore are much easier to invade our lives. And what does the official science? "In connection with the violation of impermeable horizon workings is traversed by water logging and flooding of the basement area home, which leads to a change in the state of comfortable housing, education and the development of man-made waveguides poltergeystnyh phenomena … Vskryvnye and tunneling work on the site advisable as they may be due to more disrupt the operation of a single system with decay prirodotehnogennoy microecological balance. " Nice to say …

Do not put us …

Hot Shots offered (and still offers) to demolish the house, excavators and get fit "plate" the light of day. What for? "So after 200 tons of unique metal — they answer, — plus perhaps a priceless contents: engines, equipment …" Should I hurry with such dramatic decisions? Do not be like me savages who had found in the jungle of electronic watches, and trying to figure out a stone ax in their device? Besides, we are not even remotely suggest how this thing can respond to our invasion. It is possible that this object (if it exists, of course) does not crashed UFOs, as some have suggested, as an alien probe, which plays some role in our lives.

When he hit the ground, as if no one knows. Some have called the X-XI centuries. Rumor has it that some old Estonian church has a mural with his image. I do not know, have not seen … With regard to the manner in which he was under, there are several versions. One of them is very interesting. Many sightings of UFOs and the fast-moving NGOs (unidentified submerged objects) say that the dense medium (water, land) is not an obstacle for them. Scientists suggest that at some time the objects around you are able to neutralize the force of the nuclear interaction and thus unhindered through the dense structure. There is also a version that "the object of M" is able to migrate and dematerialize at the time, that is, has the properties to appear and disappear. One of the Russian "contactees" assured me that this alien probe is playing the role of the generator, the correction psi-field of the Earth. These generators, they say, in the world a few. Russia working on two: "Tallinn" and "Khabarovsk".


The famous Estonian witch Ann with little Vormsi advised to sleep well and even have a specific date when it should be done: 6 and 15 November 1988. So they did. However, and not without surprises. At a time when the well dropped the first bucket of sand, there was a deafening roar. One witness, whom I asked, compared it to surround the explosion of high power. Police attempts to find out the cause of this unusual phenomenon yielded nothing: the county did not have any damage, the military also did not know that. November 15 there were no signs. If you do not believe that this happened the day before the strange voting in the Supreme Soviet of Estonia. Strange because of the economic independence of Estonia voted then not only Estonians, but the majority of Russian deputies. And then they could not explain why: "It was like an obsession …" Estonians generally give his "plate" of great importance. February 24, 1989 on the "Long Hermann" hoisted the blue-black-and-white national flag of Estonia, and with three minutes of this historic event is the same flag was blessed … the backyard Virgo Mitt. The ceremony took place in the village of Moscow with a rather large gathering of people, in the presence of government representatives … In early May 1991, the entire village came expedition … of Japan. As in archaeological excavations, the whole area was divided into squares with ropes — the Japanese methodically began to dig into the ground. Two factors have prevented them. The pit is constantly filled water. But that's only half the problem: as long struggled with the water, it was found that the resulting resolution of the Japanese was not all "pure." A scandal broke out, the Estonian government has banned further work, and the Japanese were forced to get out. I was browsing videos (all of Estonians were recorded on tape) and a special sadness on the faces of the Japanese did not notice. I even thought they were quite pleased with the results. It is curious that led this group, as it turned out Estonians, personnel Japanese scout …

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